naked male ass

The nice thing about a tramp stamp on a hot guy is that you don’t have to guess if he bottoms.

Amusing Thailand A take-off on T.A.T’s Amazing Thailand slogan, Amusing Thailand is a website where people post their humorous photos of the Kingdom.

knock it off Who hasn’t been tempted by a $20 Rollox watch at Patpong’s night market? Knock-offs are big business throughout Asia. I’m never sure if the obvious errors in brand names are a cagey attempt at avoiding trademark infringement laws or just the result of getting lost in translation. Regardless, they can be unintentionally , funny as in these counterfeit goods and shops from China.

hottest jocks Who are the 11 Hottest Male Athletes according to straight guys? Well, Tom Daley didn’t make it to the list, though it is telling that while it is gay guys who are supposed to be the size queens, the breeders couldn’t do with just a list of their Top Ten hotties.

gay burma I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but the major culprit in this article about gay Burmese refugees facing daily discrimination and abuse in Thailand is not race or ethnicity but religion.

judy It is Gay Pride month in the U.S. and the Music Industry’s Billboard Magazine has released its 25 Greatest Gay Moments In Music. There’s no Bette, no Barbra, no Liza to be found, but Judy gets a nod thanks to Rufus Wainwright’s live, mid-2000s recreation of her comeback performance at Carnegie Hall. It’s an interesting selection even if they did forget to include William Shatner’s rendition of Mr. Tambourine Man. ‘Cuz you can’t get much gayer than that.

spit or swallow 8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Sperm. Huh. And I thought your options were limited to whether you spit or swallow.

nathan So there is a use for fish after all. This fangirl’s Tumbler devoted to hunky U.S. Olympian Nathan Adrian has some great shots of the best body in swimming today thanks to the little stalker in her heart. Who in the hell cares what Ryan Lochte would do when Adrian’s drool worthy physique is displayed in the tiniest swimsuit known to man (scroll, scroll, scroll, click, and repeat).

gay bangkok This excerpt from Chapter 14 of Imagining Gay Paradise begins the tale of the owner of Bangkok’s Babylon Sauna’s efforts to create a place where “a new geography where the arts, sex and love can converge for gay men” set against the backdrop of gay Bangkok in the late 1970s as viewed through the eyes of the international guide for gay men on the cruise, Spartacus. It’s a nostalgic look at the early days of the gay gogo bar scene, possibly not long on facts but full of bits that should stir the memories of long-time visitors.

burgy photography Burgy Photography based in Indonesia does wedding, family, and landscape shots to pay the bills, and captures some of the country’s hottest and cutest men – and their skin – to satisfy his, um, creative urges. I’m starting you off with the hunky model Anthony, but you’ll have to click through his gallery of models picking out the male names for the rest. Because it is the journey and not the destination that matters.

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