Gay Gogo Bar First Timers Guide Index

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  1. hi,

    i just wondering, if i want to take a boy for a trip, say up north in Chiang Mai, how do i do it? i mean, do i hv to pay to the bar? how long can i take him? how much is appropriate tipping? etc.


    • Since this is Thailand, there are no rules.
      Yes, you have to pay the bar its off fee for every night you have him away from work.
      How long is up to you. And him. Ask first.
      Your tip is the standard tip for long-time times the number of nights/day your trip lasts. You don’t get a discount despite what the cheap bastards seem to think. You ain’t buying wholesale!
      Your best bet is to spend at least one full day with the guy before proposing the trip. Just so you know you both are compatible. Then it doesn’t hurt to outline what you plan on doing and seeing while in Chiang Mai. If he is totally uninterested, you might do better with a different guy, or ordering ala carte when you get to Chiang Mai.
      Keep in mind you will pay for all of his expenses during the trip. And none of that comes out of his tip.
      Good luck!

  2. haha. thats good to know. thanks for the info 🙂

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