turn down mint

I don’t really do twink. But this little tableau is such an engaging turn down service he’d be hard to resist.

And presidential nominee hopeful Rick Perry found spreading some hate hard to resist in a new campaign commercial released this week. Sounding suspiciously like an introduction speech at a 12-step meeting, Perry claimed the Christian mantle and then some how managed to blame gay American soldiers for children not being allowed to celebrate Christmas in public schools.

Nice. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a little homophobia. Perry’s efforts to rally the religious right under his anti-rainbow banner is a last ditch attempt at saving his campaign and resurrecting his single digit polling numbers. That he decided to do so while dressed like one of the boys from Brokeback Mountain sends a slightly different message.

Brokeback Perry

Trying to tell us something Rick?

Don’t worry Rick, we’re all, um, behind you . . .