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Bangkok Nature Boy Gogo Bar Looks Nothing Like This

Down a small, dimly lit soi, well-removed from the bright red lights of Patpong and the bustling crowds of touri livin’ la vida loco- or at least what they consider life on the edge-several small gay bars pull in a ragtag smattering of Bangkok touri on the prowl for pure sleaze. There’s little doubt at what you’ll find under the glowing light promising Golden Cock. Though just how golden that cock will be is a bit dubious. And the A at Super A is just as iffy. But for the gay touri looking for raunch, these small bars promise nirvana.

I was on my third night of a multiple night off with So, a bar boy from Tawan, who, at the time I mistakenly thought was his brother Nut. So, who mistakenly thought I was new to the Bangkok gay go go bar scene, decided a night visiting some of the city’s finer clubs was in order. Fairly new to town himself, So bypassed the neon lights of Soi Twilight and led me down Tawan’s street and around the corner to Nature Boy. A bar I had not been to before. “You like!” he assured me as we stepped inside.

The bar itself barely qualified as a closet. One step in the door, and you’d already passed the bar and made it halfway through the joint. A few tables, a few chairs, and a raised platform masquerading as a stage took up the remaining few feet. The staff, roused out of their slumber by the scent of fresh meat entrance of a customer, took to the stage. All five of them. So signalled for beer and sat us at a table before I had the chance to flee.

The guys on stage were a motley looking crew. Scrawny limbed urchins who looked like they belonged out on the street with beggar’s cup in hand. The bar was rank with the smell of sex. The floor attested to just where that sex could be performed. So waved one of the guys over, pulled down his shorts, and started pulling on his soft cock while smiling at me and proclaiming, “Look! He get big!”

Evidently So had been here before and knew which boy sprouted tall. I wasn’t sure if the look in the guy’s eyes was embarrassment or just a drug induced haze, but he stepped away, covering his still soft dick. The Burmese bar boy from up the street wasn’t gonna be handing out any tips, so no reason to let him play with the merchandise. The other boys laughed. And two of them stripped off their shorts and began trying to work up something that might interest the farang.

So hadn’t finished showing me what the place was all about. He smiled a big grin of wonderment and announced, “Yes! You sa-moke! Here!”

Now I know to a lot of gay guys the idea you could have a Thai bar boy’s cock down your throat before having even tasted your first sip of beer sounds like paradise. Good for them. But that’s just not me. I winced, letting So know I’d take a pass on the offer. The boys masturbating on stage, a few feet away, still hadn’t managed to achieve erections. But not for want of trying. Perplexed, So tried, “You fuck?”

Evidently sucking off a bar boy wasn’t your only option at Nature Boys. An exhibitionist, or someone too excited to hold out for the journey back to the hotel, would have undoubtedly jumped at the chance. I’m sure with the right tip I could have easily done the entire bar’s stable right then and there. Cloud Nine, or a decent into hell, it’s all a matter of taste.

Earlier that day when I woke from an afternoon nap, So was laying next to me in bed, buck ass naked and furiously finishing off a wank. Dude was a teeming hunk of bursting hormones. But then we all were at the age of 23. But maybe this was his scene? I reached across and started rubbing his nipples. They got hard. The boys on the stage still had not managed to rise to that state. I wasn’t the least bit interested in trying out the butt ugly street kids the bar stocked. But the vision of So’s muscled body splayed out naked on top of the table made the bar take on a whole new, and favorable, light.

I moved my hand down to his crotch. Yup. He’d beat the rest of the bar to getting major wood. But then he’d told me the day before that he gets hard whenever he eats. So maybe the stiffness of his stiffy was just his normal state of arousal. I stood him up and started unzipping his fly, with no firm plan other than to see where this would lead. But it wasn’t to be. He giggled nervously and quickly sat back down. The boys on stage covered themselves. The staff did not looked pleased. I guess putting on a show for the show boys wasn’t their idea of a good time (it sure wasn’t their idea of how to make a buck). So figuring that my interest lay somewhere other than in the bar, adjusted himself, drained his beer, and announced, “We go.”

He didn’t risk taking me to one of the other raunch bars in the area and decided instead it was time to get some food. Maybe he just hated wasting a good erection. I’ve never been back to Nature Boy. But when I got home from the trip I went on-line and found, from fans and previous visitors, I hadn’t been mistaken. Nature Boy is the answer if you are looking for a gay go go bar in Bangkok where you can get off without ever leaving the comforts of your bar stool.

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