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At one time Pretties, good looking local girls – good looking meaning model thin and whiter than rice – were a staple at promoting just about any type of Thai product at just about any event in Thailand. Then The Good General decided Thailand would be a happier place if Pretties were banned from working for beer and liquor manufacturers. No problemo. The internet responded. And a new brand of Pretty went viral. Fortunately, in Thailand, that means Pretties are now male.

Tossing His Salad 2

First we were treated to the Chicken & Rice Guy. Then a security guard at a Bangkok university. The Food Truck Washing Stud went viral, as did the Shirtless Coffee Shop Guy in Lamphun. Now joining the ranks of hallowed hot tasty treat shirtless studs is Nossy Rocks, a part-time model, actor, and body-builder who tosses spicy salad roadside near Northeastern University in Khon Kaen province. Always ready to please, Nossy says he can make whatever pleases you at his stall.

Tossing His Salad 3

Nossy has a degree in engineering, but like most educated Thais his years at college qualified him for an entry-level, low paying job. Which thanks to the internet is probably paying a lot better these days. It’s a shame he lives in Issan ‘cuz he could be hauling in even bigger bucks if he was based in Bangkok and working nights at Tawan.

Tossing His Salad 4

Hooking up with hotties is what the internet is all about, despite what Steve Jobs may have envisioned. And friend, fan, or stalker alike, Facebook makes for fertile trolling grounds. Deciphering clues to a hunk’s lifestyle, however, can be difficult. Nossy, being the narcissists that most bodybuilders are, has lots of photos of himself and his flesh posted to his page. But there are lots more of himself and his flesh with other hot young dudes and their flesh too. Not to mention pix of bodybuilders he’s run across that he likes, many of which are more about the body than the builder. If ya get my drift. Fish, not so much. It’s enough to make any gay boy wonder. And dream.

Tossing His Salad 5

The good news is that Nossy ‘likes’ GThai Movie, a website specializing in streaming gay Thai flicks. The bad news is that buried away on his Facebook page is a note that he’s in a relationship with some fish. It must be serious. There’s one photo of her – not with Nossy – mixed among the several hundred male flesh shots he’s posted. Maybe that’s just about today’s Thai youth. Or not. Regardless, it suggests that that spot of Tawan’s stage is his for the taking when and if he decides to move to the Big Mango.

Tossing His Salad 6

I don’t know what Pretties get paid, or if the boys at Tawan make more in tips from appreciative customers. Nor do I know if The Good General only has a problem with the old version of the Pretty. But if he agrees that male Pretties will make Thailand the happy place he wants it to become, Nossy has a new sideline career waiting. He’s as white as the female version of the Pretty always was. His chest is bigger than most of theirs ever were too. And I’d willingly buy whatever he’s selling.

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