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The night fell like a fat man tripping over his shoelaces. An unexpected downpour earlier that evening had left Soi Twilight looking like a giant dog had slobbered all over it, and now the moist heat that had descended on the city was working overtime. So knew that meant a night of his bar being filled with farang customers who were not so much sweating as self-basting. The stultifying effects of facing another slow, mid-week night of work at Bangkok Bois had put him in a mood that he was having difficulty in trying to shake.

Passing the early crew of punters gathered on the patio of Dick’s Cafe didn’t help. They were a motley bunch decked out in polyester: garish, tropical prints boasting colors Mother Nature had never considered whose manufacturers’ likely customer base consisted solely of the mentally ill and blind people with cruel friends. Their eyes, bright and flat like a lizard’s, greedily followed his progress up the soi.

Some sat in pairs, most alone, the majority pounding back fruity rum-spiked tropical drinks like fuel. An old man sitting at the edge of the patio, a few strands of white hair flicked across his skull like seaweed on a rock, whose sartorial theme for the night was purples in disagreeing shades tried to catch So’s eye. His buttocks hanging over the edges of his chair, like balloons filled with water, reminded So that Songkran was coming soon. Maybe the holiday would help pick up his spirits.

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Lek wasn’t working tonight, the owner too cheap to spring for her act when the customer count promised to be low. That meant shorter shows, which was a good thing as far as So was concerned. Wit too had opted to take the night off. That meant So would have to spend more time on stage. Which wasn’t a good thing. So was torn between wanting to just cruise for the evening, take his base pay, and then go home, and booking a short-time off that he could dispense with quickly. He needed the money, as usual, but really didn’t want to be at the bar tonight; an empty house would suit his mood just fine.

So thought he could really use his friend’s inveterate gregariousness tonight, but lately Wit had been in a strange mood himself. Ever since he’d met Paul, Wit had bounced between being so giddy with happiness he couldn’t stop smiling to looking like his dog had just died. And then during the show last night, when So had slapped him with the neoprene tubing that the SM crowd adored, Wit had burst into tears. So knew he needed to talk with his friend, but his own mood hadn’t allowed him to delve into the problems of others lately; the fact was he missed The Farang. And that he did worried him too.

The two had been texting each other regularly since The Farang’s last visit. That didn’t help. It made So miss him even more. The occasional phone call had been better, but when his phone rang and The Farang’s picture came up on its screen if Noi was around she gave him a hard time about it.His wife being jealous over a customer was something new. And So didn’t want to deal with that either. Wit had pulled himself out of his own funk long enough to encourage So to ask The Farang for some money; Noi had chimed in on the suggestion too. So he had. And The Farang had wired him a few thousand baht with no questions asked. Noi was happy with the score; picking up the cash had just made So feel even more alone. He wished The Farang was in town now. And that they were snuggled together in bed at his hotel. Then he wouldn’t be sitting here trying to decide if approaching a customer tonight was worth it or not.

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With the first show of the night still an hour away, the bar was nearly empty. So had done his rotations on stage without attempting to catch the eye of any of the few customers there were. The early crowd tended to comprise the needy or desperate anyway. Just as he considered hiding out in the dressing room for a while, the mamasan floated over to tell him a customer was asking for So by number. He wanted to turn the customer down sight-unseen, but then thought maybe a little bit of luck would come his way, that the customer would be one of those who only wanted to look, who would finish himself off quickly. So followed the mamasan over to the customer’s table.

He was a short, tick-bodied man, his graying hair carefully coiffed to hide a receding hairline. He had a face that looked like it had been used to shunt trains, further marred by an expression of intense hostility that had, after years of steady visitation, been granted permanent residence, the tip of his tongue peeking out between his lips as he concentrated on So’s exposed chest. So barely had the time to sit next to the man before he made an almost surreptitious gesture with his hand, signaling the mamasan to tally his check bin. So thought, even hoped, that up close he hadn’t been to the man’s liking. But a quick nod of his head toward So instructed the mamasan to include an off fee in his tab. Still without exchanging a word, So went to dress in his street clothes.

The farang waited for So outside in front of the bar, his eyes surveying every bar boy who passed as though he still hadn’t made his selection for the night. When So joined him, the man headed off down the soi seemingly to care little whether So followed or not. He caught up to the man as they crossed Suriwong, then followed him as he turned down the small soi toward the Suriwongse Hotel. Good, So thought, a short-time off in a short-time hotel. He just hoped the man wouldn’t be as frugal with his tip as he was with his choice of accommodations. Inside, the man didn’t spare the front desk a passing glance as he made his way toward the elevators. Not good, thought So, he wasn’t just booking a short-time room, the man was staying at the hotel. His expectation of a generous tip diminished quickly.

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In the small, well-worn room, the man finally spoke. “Get on the bed,” he instructed as he hastily began removing his clothes. A quick wave of his hand, which seemed to be the man’s preferred form of communication, told So he should do the same. The man’s eyes never left him as So tugged his shirt over his head, and then pulled his underwear and pants off after first kicking his shoes to the floor. By the time So was naked, the man was erect and busy pumping his member. A looker, So thought, not bothering to get his own cock hard. The man didn’t seem to care either way.

The two watched each other in a silence punctuated only by the man’s sporadic grunts of what may have been pleasure, until he once again gave curt instruction to So. “Turn over,” he spluttered, his eyes widening slightly at the thought of the sight he’d soon see. So hesitated, momentarily concerned with both turning his back to this man as well as what doing so might mean. So was a man. When a customer demanded it, and with the help of a little blue pill, So would take the dominate position in anal sex. He never bottomed. But the man hadn’t moved from his spot, so So did as he’d asked, keeping one eye peeled over his shoulder. And then, thinking he might still manage to coax a decent tip from the farang, he spread his legs just a bit.

The man still didn’t move, seemingly content with taking care of his own needs and So turned his face away, not really needing, or wanting, to watch. From the sounds the farang was making alone So figured he’d know when the man came, and when he could get dressed and leave. His thoughts turned to his own discontentment with life. And then he tensed, feeling the weight of the farang on the bed. Just as So began to reposition himself into a safer posture, the farang pulled his legs out from under him, leaving So splayed across the bed with his ass in the air. And then he was on top of him.

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The heavier man’s weight crushed the breath from So’s body allowing him only the feeblest attempt at saying no. So coiled every muscle in his body, ready to force the man off; he felt the farang’s weight lift, and then felt his tongue begin its wet trail down So’s back. Still tensed, he waited. The danger appeared to have passed. And he wasn’t sure what the farang was up to. His muscles grew rigid again as he felt the man’s hands clinch his ass cheeks, separating them, allowing a descended trail for his tongue to follow. And when it did, So gasped.

So looked back over his shoulder, catching the reflection of the man’s hairy, drooping ass in the mirror above the dresser, a sight he nor anyone else really wanted to see. He turned back, scrunching his eyes shut. Whatever the man was doing tickled. It wasn’t unpleasurable, but at the same time it was worrisome. So couldn’t count the number of customers he’d been with since he started working on Soi Twilight, but this was the first who was doing that. And when he felt the tip of the man’s tongue begin to explore his asshole, he shuddered in distaste. Soi dogs said hello by sniffing each other’s butts. Humans didn’t. Not even farang.

The man paid little heed to So’s discomfort and So stifled a giggle at the thought that maybe when you had your nose buried in someone’s ass it was difficult to sense their mood. As strange as farang could be, this one appeared intent on exploring even stranger worlds. When he felt the man’s tongue poke inside of him though he’d had enough and So flipped over onto his back. Their new position didn’t deter the farang in the least bit. Except now he was bent over with his face pressed between Soi’s butt cheeks. Like a near-sighted gynecologist. So hoped he wouldn’t fart. And then thought that maybe if he did he’d get a bigger tip. He couldn’t wait to get home and tell Wit about this one. He was sure his friend had never experienced anything quite as strange.

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The farang continued with his efforts, all the while furiously pumping his cock. Everything the man did seemed to be spurred by anger. The room was hot and stifling; so rushed to get to what he’d paid for the farang hadn’t turned on the air-conditioner when they’d entered the room. And now he was dripping with sweat. So hoped there would be enough towels to dry himself when the man finally finished. His thoughts took him away from his concerns over the strange things the man was doing and he began to relax. The man’s tongue licking at his asshole even started to feel pleasurable. So felt his cock beginning to get hard. And when the man’s tongue dipped lightly into him again, So whimpered. It actually felt good. Enjoyable even. A slight frown scrunched its way between So’s eyebrows, he wasn’t sure that having someone doing what this man was should be something you liked. His cock, which had grown stiff, seemed to think it was.

A fleeting thought of doing the same to Noi crossed his mind. No, she would be shocked. And disgusted. He thought that it should bother him, or even disgust him too, that he would even think of doing so. Even with someone he loved. But right now, with his legs spread wide and this strange man’s tongue giving him more pleasure than he’d felt in weeks, the act itself didn’t seem to be all that repulsive. Although he thought a hot, soapy shower first might be the better way to go. Possibly because he’d been on So’s mind lately, The Farang popped into his head. And So giggled. The Farang might enjoy this. Maybe it was something all farang did. And if not, he was sure to delight in what then might be a new experience for him too.

Lost in his thoughts So had ceased paying attention to his customer, who, as strange as he was seemed harmless enough. The noises the man began to make as he started his climax focused So’s attention on him again. With his head still buried deep between So’s ass cheeks, his gasping and wheezing echoed across the room. And then, with a final thrust of his tongue, the man came. Not sure if he was supposed to, or whether or not it mattered, So began finishing himself off too. And then stopped when the man immediately began putting his clothes back on, paying no attention to So as if he’d already left.

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So got off the bed and started getting dressed himself. He smiled at the man, thinking that letting him know that So had appreciated what he’d done might be appreciated in itself. But the scowl on the man’s face never changed. So thought that maybe that was why the man preferred sex with his head planted in his partner’s ass. Looking like he had a permanent hate on the world couldn’t be good for his sex life. But then that was probably why he was in Bangkok, why he was hiring boys from the bars on Soi Twilight.

The farang went back to talking by gesture, a small swooping of a hand obviously signaling it was time for So to leave. At the door the man handed So his tip. 1,2000 baht. Which was at the low end of acceptable tips for a short-time off. So was going to ask the man for taxi money just to even the score, but quickly realized with this farang it would be a wasted effort. Besides, what he’d just learned was worth 300 baht. The Farang was in for a big surprise when he landed in Bangkok again in a few weeks. And at that thought the smile that had been absent earlier finally made its way to So’s face.

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