nude asian dude

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind y’all that just because you are gay that doesn’t mean you have to do drag for Halloween. Unless you have an ass like this of course. . .

got to go In my next life I want to come back as a science researcher living large off of government grants ‘cuz then I too could discover important facts like that, give a drop or shake or two, all mammals take about 21 seconds to drain a kidney. Ahuh, like you’re not going to be timing yourself the next time around now . . .

all aboard The Top 5 Most Scary Places in Bangkok is a nice list of haunted houses your boy du jour will probably not thank you for taking him to. While I thought this link was appropriate for the Halloween season, my ulterior motive is in hoping someone out there has a bit more info on the “Old Bus Garage, Soi Sai Yud” that’s mentioned. Google is of no help and it sounds like a cool place to visit.

the mighty penis of bhutan What’s the best method for scaring off evil spirits? In Bhutan everyone agrees there is nothing that will keep you safe from harm like a giant penis. And ya can’t argue with that. Glenn was kind enough to share one of his penis shots from the country late last year, this article provides the backstory on the front story.

a small bit of sorrow Social media is widely used by irate consumers who feel they’ve been ripped off and want to warn others as well as get a bit of payback. Real or not, this gentleman from Singapore wasn’t happy about what he got when purchasing a penis enlargement device on-line.

aznboiluv Aznboiluv is the Tumblr photo blog of a rice queen in a long distance relationship with a Singaporean guy that features lots of juicy NSFW naked Asian male flesh pix, though it’s easy to tell what it is about his boyfriend he misses the most.

ugly penis If you’ve never noticed, there are a lot of ugly penises in the world. Some could even be considered down right creepy. If yours isn’t included among those but you still want to scare the crap out of some unlucky guy, you may consider picking up one of these creepy dildos and give your next trick a real treat. I’m just not sure who the intended market is for ‘the Venereal Vinnie’ model ‘cuz I’d think most guys wouldn’t think open sores and STD bumps on a penis are erotic. But then I don’t get that golden shower thingy either.

mario If you’re looking for a scary movie to watch for Halloween and don’t want to sit through another showing of your buddy’s home movies from his last visit to Sunee Plaza, 2009’s Bangkok Ghost Stories, originally known as Buppah Rahtree 3.1in Thailand and as Rahtree Reborn internationally is available on DVD. More importantly, it stars cutey Mario Maurer who you probably lusted over in Love of Siam. The trailer is here. Or better yet, just watch Love of Siam to see Mario get his gay on again instead.

mario with attitude And/or you can enjoy this slightly over 1 minute video from Attitude Magazine of the hot 24-year-old Thai/German heart throb from when Mario graced their cover.

vrigin for sale Robert sent in this link to an article, Gay Student Will Lose His Virginity As An Act Of Performance Art, about a 19-year-old London art school student who plans on losing his butt virginity in front of a gallery full of spectators. Dunno if he has a future in the art world, but he could probably land a spot on stage at a gogo bar in Bangkok. And it probably pays better too. Thanks Robert?

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