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I’m not sure if that’s flora or fauna, but Thailand’s natural wonders never cease to amaze me.

blog A new blog of interest that I hope to see more of is written by a gay Thai who has taken it upon himself to provide insight into Thai culture and the Thai mind on behalf of farang, especially those looking for a relationship with a Thai guy. He is not a native English speaker, but does a pretty good job of getting his points across as long as you don’t get too tied up in the metaphors and details he attempts to use. If nothing else, his posts on Must Know Facts About Thai Gays are an unique on-line voice.

sleep There’s a new study out that reports only 38% of men sleep nude with their partner. WTF??? If you do and he doesn’t want to, here’s 8 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked.

shame Something naughty that you’ve done been weighing on your soul? Not into organized religion enough to make a visit to your local priest for absolution? No problemo: There is a new site that started up this year where you can confess your dastardly deeds and internet surfers then vote on whether to absolve or condemn you. There’s a link to the site here, but if you’d rather just laugh at others’ tales of shame, they’ve already pulled together the 15 Funniest Creative Confessions.

Chinese New Year Where is the best place in Bangkok to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Um, maybe Chinatown? Despite the recent crackdown on fireworks and open fires, Chinatown is still ablaze during the lunar new year period. I’ve noticed posts showing up on the forums recently asking where is the best place to catch the festivities, but unless a lion makes its way into a gogo bar, that’s probably not info most posters have to share. For those of you too lazy to Google it . . .

tats Ink is all the rage these days, but I didn’t know a tat could also give you a raging hard-on. Uh, don’t try this one at home boys.

Wat Sangkhatan Exploring farther afield using the riverboats in Bangkok is one of my goals and Wat Sangkhatan and its serene setting sounds like a nice outing for an afternoon, not to mention for this week’s addition to Places In Thailand Jabba Has Never Hear Of.

top 10 It’s from two years ago, but TV Pool conducted a poll of the top 10 Thai actors that local gay guys lust after the most, and even two year old eye candy is worth a look.

baht bus Though it’s not rocket science, for newbies to Thailand figuring out how to use a song thaew can be confusing at first. This is a great little guide and useful for most areas of the country even though it is written specifically for Chiang Mai.

chris mears Because despite how well they may have done at the Games male Olympians still get the gold for showing off their award winning physiques months later: Anthony Ogogo recently caused a lot of hearts – and other body parts – to swell thanks to his appearance on a UK reality tv show. Not to be outdone, cute GB diver Chris Mears joined a few other Olympians and entertainment personalities in the latest issue of Gay Times, sans bathing suit both on one of the covers and in a layout. Chris – who has a gorgeous ass – unfortunately seems to actually be straight, but he mentioned that he has many gay fans. As well as a few gay friends thanks to Tom Daley. Huh.

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