shirtless asian male


Mark was dumfounded. We’d just stepped outside of DJ Station for a bit of fresh air after spending the last hour packed in the disco surrounded by partially naked guys dancing their asses off. And within the space of five minutes, I’d attracted not one but two admirers. The first, after a quick smile and a brief kiss, had slipped me his phone number signalling me that either meeting him back inside the club or later would be cool. Now the second guy had his arms wrapped around me, the two of us melting into the wall I’d been leaning against. Mark was incredulous. And standing by himself. He was the hot young stud in the alley but the local boys were instead flocking to the old guy. It just wasn’t right.

Still early in the late night, with Bangkok lit up in neon like the gaudily painted whore that she is, Mark and I had left the girls, the trio of dykes we were traveling with, to do whatever it is women seem to need so much time to accomplish, and had hit DJ’s without them. They’d be joining us later. Their tardiness possibly being nothing more than a need to make an Entrance. The club was already packed, though it was still early enough in the night that it had not yet filled beyond capacity as was its norm.

Stripping off his shirt soon after entering the disco, Mark made his own Entrance, his nicely defined chest glistening from sweat brought on by too many bodies crammed into too small of a space, his torso carefully shaved to leave an enticing hair trail designed to lead eyes downward, a promise that despite his overall shortness in stature he was not short where it counted. And he’d already amassed a high body count of local gay boys more than willing to move to the beat next to him, warm smiles greeting his warm body, both offering a night of pleasure.

As a friend, Mark was pleased to see I was having as much luck as he, though I’d kept my shirt on and was offering nothing more than my existence. As a fellow male on the prowl it worried him a bit that I seemed to be having as easy of a time at it as he, too. That Mark spent hours at the gym to ensure he ranked in the top tier, while I avoided the gym like Lindsay Lohan avoids sobriety, my lack of a hot bare chest seemed to matter not one bit to the local crowd. But since he had numerous partners to pick from, it wasn’t a problem. Just confusing. At least until we stepped outside.

Scoring both another liplock and another phone number, I pushed my new piece-of-ass-to-be back inside the club, concerned about my travelmate’s well-being, proving I’m much more sympathetic to others than most would believe, at least when I give a fuck. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Look, I know some guys find you attractive. But come on. Tonight, we’re like this,” he said positioning his hands at the same level. “It should be like this,” he explained, rising one hand a foot higher.

Understanding his confusion, I laughed, agreed and said, “Yup, I can’t figure out how you are managing to do as well as you are.” I may be sympathetic but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to fuck with a friend’s mind when the opportunity presents itself.

Mark shook his head. Still dumbfounded, and settled the matter with a simple, “Fuck you.”

shirtless asian male

“WTF, dude?”

Dave was not gay. But still wanted his beauty appreciated. Even in a gay gogo bar filled with nearly naked guys eyeing potential customers for the night – which Dave had no plans on becoming one of – he felt that he should have been the #1 choice.
Dave is a hunk. A dreamboat. Tall, dark, and handsome. Pure male perfection. And he was right. The boys should have been all over him like flies on summer roadkill. But instead they were all buzzing around me.

We’d coasted into the Barbeiry on Suriwong, not our first visit together to Bangkok, nor our first visit together to the bar. Though overall, we hit far more girl bars than boy bars, Dave had no problem with joining me in watching the city’s working boys strut their stuff on stage. What attention he did get made him a bit nervous. But he liked the initial attraction. But hated telling a boy who had his eye on him that he wasn’t gay. They never seemed to understand. Not gay didn’t mean no, or at least they didn’t tend to take no for an answer.

Still, between the two of us, Dave felt he deserved the most attention, even if it went no further than that. And that wasn’t happening. Temporarily taking my eyes away from what the guy who’d sat himself next to me was pulling down his shorts to show me, concerned about my travelmate’s well-being, proving I’m much more sympathetic to others than most would believe, at least when I give a fuck, I asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“Dude, come on,” he said. “I know guys find you attractive, but shit, I should be getting more play than you.” It wasn’t like guys hitting on me was something new to Dave. Though I had eyes only for Dave when we were together, frequently when we were out and about he’d point out some guy who was busy cruising me that I’d totally missed. I wonder how many nights of bliss I’ve missed by concentrating instead on nights with Dave. In any case, on this night, my fans were hard to miss. Dave wasn’t pleased. And was a bit jealous.

shirtless asian male

The young, handsome, and hot have no trouble finding a guy who’d love to make all their dreams come true, even if only for one night. Even in Thailand, their natural beauty is enough to ensure a sizeable selection of potential bedmates. But then that’s the beauty of Thailand, the potential for sex is rampant. Even when your years of being the hot guy of the night are a decade or more behind you. The boys in Bangkok haven’t any problem with older gents. Many prefer them. Not just the money boys or the guys who ply their trade in Bangkok’s numerous gogo bars; most of them are straight, anyway.

A lot of Bangkok’s gay boys appreciate older guys. It’s not so much the daddy syndrome, but a realistic view on life coupled with the Thai cultural phenomenon of ‘taking care’. If you want someone to take care of you, an older guy is a better prospect. His years of experience almost guarantee he’ll be more respectful. And, possibly more importantly, his years building a career almost guarantee he’ll be well-off and able to provide the life Bangkok’s gay boys are expecting to become used to.

There are plenty of guys in SE Asia, who like their counterparts in the Western world, prefer an older bed partner. Not so much for financial reasons but rather simply sexual ones: some guys get off on daddies. Bless them. But from experience, you’d think that would apply to the majority of guys in Thailand, They all seem to have a daddy fixation. But like in the West, the true daddy aficionados are in the minority. The majority of Thai guys looking for a daddy are looking for the accompanying sugar. I don’t care, the result is just as sweet.

Not understanding that to Thais there is always a promise of more than just a bout between the sheets, Mark and Dave both felt being younger and hotter should give them the leg up. Reality was proving them wrong. A hot bod versus a large wallet is no contest. That the latter was attached to a not too bad looking guy made it an easy decision. One that wasn’t sitting well with the younger, hotter guys. WTF, indeed.

Sure, in the long term, money is going to play an important role. But in the short term, when it’s just a quickie to pass the night away, sex is king. Sure the Thai guy you hook up with may be hoping you’ll become his meal ticket for life. But unless you fall in love, you can easily get away with nothing more than a night of lust.

Hit the disco, a club, or the internet, as an older gentleman you’ll be deluged with offers from hot bodied Thai guys. And that’s not even counting the moneyboys. Bangkok is an older gay guy’s wet dream; it’s just too easy to find a suitable partner for the night. For the younger, hotter visitors though, Bangkok can be a nightmare; there’s just too much competition from older guys. In Thailand, old guys rule.

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