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Haruehun Airry has got to be the world’s luckiest man. That or he racked up some major karma points in a past life. Like Mother Teresa level. You can’t do much better than making your living photographing the hottest hunks in Asia. Though I guess getting the first go by ‘discovering’ the next most beautiful Thai man runs a close second.


If you are not familiar with his work by name, you are by body ‘cuz he’s shot just about any and every Asian hottie who’s made the scene over the last five years. His slightly over exposed, pube exposing, Jupiter 2000 type male model shots are instantly recognizable. Well, his style is recognizable as soon as your brain stops drooling over the eye candy.

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Airry certainly has an eye for the hot boys, and as a gay man has been blessed with a career of spending his days capturing their beauty with his lens. With the amount of prime beef he’s had disrobed in his studio, you gotta wonder which of those studs curled his toes the most. Well, wonder no more. Airry has just given that nod to Mossen Sripen, who is featured in his new limited edition 100-page photo book.

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Thumbing through the pages (before they become stuck together) will certainly explain why. And at only 990 baht, it’s not only cheaper than a short-time off in Pattaya, it’ll deliver a happier ending too. (Or if you want to perv out in person, you can meet Mos for an autograph session on April 12, from 2 to 4 pm at 661 Silom. Which should get you nice and wet just in time for the Songkran festivities.)

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The 21-year-old fitness model (aka underwear model) has sold some of the world’s top menswear brands off his body, which has graced several leading fashion and men’s magazine covers. He’s yet to go full monty, but Airry’s latest photos of him are pushing that boundary further and further into flesh. Googling his name will provide tons more pix of him, but little in the way of personal info, though rumor says he speaks English well and willingly responds to messages on Facebook. Huh. I might just have to end my ban on joining in on that social media site.

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