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bangkok gay gogo bar

Drinks at a gogo bar in Bangkok can get pricey. Your first, really is a cover charge for the show so even though it’s gonna cost you around $8.00 it’s not bad for what you get: the chance to watch a bunch of naked guys have sex a few feet in front of you. With the exception of one bar that charges an even higher first drink price and then lowers the fee for those that come after (that’d be Dreamboy), your subsequent drinks will run you the same as your first at most of the bars on Soi Twilight. Not such a good deal anymore. Even if that means spending more time in the bar and seeing even more guys.

The problem with that is if you are like most patrons out to have a good time, you’ll also start buying drinks for some of the guys (pretty much mandatory if you have any of them sit with you) and possibly even for a mamasan, captain, or waiter. In a party mood you can quickly find yourself buying drinks for half of the bar’s staff. That’s a lot of fun. Until your check bin is totalled up.

bangkok gay gogo bars

A more economical approach is to buy a bottle instead of individual drinks. The bar’s staff won’t think you are being cheap by doing so. In fact it’s viewed more as their opportunity to gather around and have a few. Buying a bottle is customary at most Thai night clubs and discos (Thais are not fools; they aren’t going to be scalped by ordering rounds when a full bottle is cheaper).

Consider the average pour for a bottle is 18 shots. At the 250 baht price for individual shots that’ll run you 4,500 baht, or about $150. A bottle, on the other hand will more likely be only 2,000 baht. That’s $65, and ice and mixers are included. That’s half-priced drinks. For a bottle, depending on the brand, you may pay a bit more, possibly a bit less. Depends on the bar. Depends on what you are drinking.

bangkok gay gogo bar

Not planning on being generous and offering drinks to the gang? Concerned that you’ll be buying a bottle that you’ll never finish? No problemo. At the end of your visit if there is still booze left in the bottle the captain will mark the level for you (and have you initial it at some bars). It goes on the back shelf and next time you visit: voila! On subsequent visits you’ll be charged an initial ice/mixer fee that usually is the same as what you’d pay for your initial drink. Think cover charge again. It’s still a cheaper way of drinking than buying individual shots.

The economics of buying a bottle however, usually means you’ll be pouring a hell of a lot more drinks for guys at the bar. An open bottle is an invitation to any of them in need of a drink to stop by and grab a glass. Of course it is always up to you who gets to drink, but then it’s also difficult to turn a guy down without coming across as an ingrate. Doing so, as with most things in Thailand, is up to you; it’ll depend on your comfort level in turning a thirsty lad away.

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Most bars stock full bottles of the standards. That’d be Johnny Walker. They’ll have some cheaper, local rot gut too, but do you really want to drink that crap? If you have refined tastes, or a preference for a specific label, no problemo. They’ll be glad to run down to the local market and grab your brand for you.