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Knowing how much y’all been missing Boo Hoo’s far-too-frequent floral posts, in which he’d usually provide the incorrect scientific name for the flower he was writing about, I thought I’d offer you a horticulture-related one of my own today. Okay, so I’m short on time today and this one was an easy out. But at least I didn’t try to slide by with posting a close-up of a flower with a vaguely penis-looking stamen like Georgia O’Keeffe woulda done with vagina for the lesbian crowd.

For those of you to whom nature means changing your Summer Breezes Glade plug-in room freshener, these are snail shells planted with ferns or orchids. The orchids make more sense ‘cuz they tend to be epiphytes, with modified aerial roots, whereas the ferns’ root balls will soon out-grow the size of their shells. Unless ya wanna play hermit crab with your fern. Regardless, the vendor who came up with these puppies is a genius.

Free is a magical word to Thais. No matter what that costs them. And when free translates into cold, hard, baht, ya know the Buddha loves you. In this case this Weekend Market vendor grew a few seedlings or cuttings in shells from dead snails at zero cost, and a month or two later peddled them for 300 baht a pop. Sweet, huh? And I kinda like the karma of a snail spending its life devouring vegetation being used to grow new plants once it had died.

Now I could rest on my florals and consider this post done, but emulating Boo Hoo is not exactly the path to success. So lesbian loving artists aside, I’ll leave you with the Orchis italica, also known as the Fairy Trap Orchid (but not for the reason you’re thinking). ‘Cuz while few of you will now be scouring the flower section of Chatuchak for plants growing in snail shells, the majority of you just clicked over to Google to find out where you could pick up a few little naked lavender men.

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