Blow me

Blow me

Now that Jabba The Butt has referred to me as “someone who does know what he’s talking about” it’s tempting to go rest on my laurels. I’m just not sure what my laurels are. But I think I strained one of them last night; Dave just picked up a copy of The Gay Kama Sutra and we’ve been working our way through the positions. Sometimes life can be painful. But Jabba broadcasting links to my blog aside, it’s that time of the year once again to reflect upon the fact that I’ve just spent the last 365 days blogging. I told ya sometimes life can be painful. But then I was the one who decided to devote one day of the week to posting pix of twinks. So I only have myself to blame.

So some 2,900 posts later – and yeah I know just another 100 of those twink photos woulda made it an even number – I find myself entering my fifth year of throwing up a daily dose of drivel on the internet. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary to me. And apologies to those of you who’ve been reading my blog since its inception. Especially to Boo Hoo, who clicks in daily and is one of my biggest fans. My reader numbers tend to go up, then down, then up again, but there’s always been a steady core group of guys who pop in daily to see what’s been posted. Even if some of them only do so in fear that I may have mentioned them. A lot of the rest are just interested in seeing Joe Manganiello’s penis.

WordPress, who no longer hosts this site but still provides its layout theme and stats, tells me there’s been 10,600 comments posted to my blog over the last four years. And I thank each of you who’ve taken the time to share your thoughts. But I am kinda disappointed in that number too. That’s a lot of input and not a single one of you have yet told me to fuck off. I think Smiles came close once. But I lost interest in trying to follow what he wrote and never finished reading his comment. So that record still stands. I’ll try to do better this next year. I promise.

birthday 4 2

Which pretty much sums up what you can look forward to over the next year. Lots of abuse. And one week short of a full year’s worth of more weekly Twinky Tuesday posts. Unfortunately. ‘Cuz yeah, I’ve been counting. Carefully. You can also expect another year of me promising myself to go back and fix the broken links from my hosting change, the ones that are now getting to be almost two years old. There’s also a new index/layout with drop-down menus I’ve been working on – but more often ignoring – too. So you can probably expect to not see that this year too. Ditto for updating the ‘About” link; I think I’ll let that one turn three before I do something about it.

The world’s loneliest wombat recently whined about the lack of new Sunday Funnies posts on my blog, and I gotta admit I miss those too. But I can’t do a weekly cartoon of just Jabba being a blowhard. Especially as he is now replacing Boo Hoo as my #1 fan. Those posts rely heavily on forum posters being, well, themselves. Or their uber selves. Which often takes some good trolling. So this one is on y’all. If you want more Sunday Funnies, you need to get busy stirring up the usual suspects on the message boards. It’s not hard to do. Hell, Michael/Scooby will go off on Surfcrest these days even on a thread that has nothing to do with him. So it’s time y’all start channeling your inner Beach Lover. ‘Cuz otherwise the 2016 Olympics are barely a year away, and ya know what that means.

Another year over, another year to look forward to, and since it is award season, another opportunity to thank those who’ve encouraged me to keep blogging either out of appreciation for what I do or just because I know what I do pisses them off. So thanks to each of you who regularly stop by, to the lower number who take time to post a comment, to ChristianPFC for being a human spell checker, to Surfcrest for hosting this blog so that I can post photos that are too risque for the regular blogging sites to handle, to all the hot Asian guys who take the naked selfies that make my Sunday Selfies posts, to Jabba for his tireless efforts in promoting my blog, and to Dave for buying that copy of The Gay Kama Sutra. ‘Cuz man cannot live by blogging alone.