For something a bit different, get your boy du jour Half Naked.

For something a bit different, get your boy du jour Half Naked.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what to do with a bar boy when you get him back to your hotel room after a night of partying on Soi Twilight. Your rocket will figure that one out for itself. But if you don’t send him packing when the fun is over, trying to figure out what to do the next day while your batteries recharge can be a chore. There’s always cultural activities like visiting a wat. But then religion may not be the type of thoughts you want running through his head. If you ask him for suggestions, there’s a good chance you’ll hear, “Up to you!” If your karma ain’t that good, instead he’ll reply, “Shopping!”

There’s a lot of street markets and shopping malls in Bangkok to choose from. And a lot of gold shops and phone stalls too. That your wallet will be heavily involved during a day’s shopping with your boy du jour is a given. That you too get some enjoyment out of the money you spend takes a bit more effort. And while he may have had his little heart set on an iPhone 6, he’ll be almost as happy if you buy him something he’d never be able to afford on his own. Especially if it carries a status-bearing name brand label. But while Armani and Prada would be nice, do yourself a favor and think Agacio, AQUX, and N2N instead.

You can buy sexy men's underwear on the streets of Bangkok, but it's cheap and the stitching won't hold up past the first erection.

You can buy sexy men’s underwear on the streets of Bangkok, but it’s cheap and the stitching won’t hold up past the first erection.

You can find lots of sexy men’s underwear at stalls around Silom Soi 4 at night, elsewhere in town during daylight hours not so much. Your wallet may be pleased with the 100 baht price tag on the night market undies, but when ya want to go a bit more high-end The Halfnaked Shop has got you covered. Or not quite covered depending on the line of underwear you prefer.

An upscale retailer of men’s fashion underwear and swim wear based in Thailand, Halfnaked Shop has two branches in Bangkok. Their flagship outlet is on the 4th floor of the Zen department store at Central World in Pratunam, and they’ve just opened a new location on the 3rd floor of the recently remodeled Emporium department store on Sukhumvit. And for fans of boys who may still be boys, they have a branch at Central Festival, on the 3rd floor, in Pattaya too.

This is not your grandfather's Fruit Of The Loom underwear.

This is not your grandfather’s Fruit Of The Loom underwear.

Purchasing clothes for your boy du jour may sound counterproductive. But the Halfnaked shop doesn’t stock your grandfather’s Fruit of the Loom briefs. In fact, the briefs they do stock give a new meaning to that style. Sourced from Japan, Europe, and the USA, the lines they carry offer everything from jocks – including the Cock Out Jockstrap (and yeah, that mental picture you just got is correct) – to thongs, to briefs, to see-through boxer briefs. Oh, and some swim wear not really meant for wearing in public too. All guaranteed to put the sex back in your sex life (or one off/two orgasms as most of us know it).

Between the brands they feature and the locations of their retail operations, you can assume the prices aren’t cheap. And you’d assume correctly for once. But regardless of how much you drop, once your latest companion puts on a private fashion show for you back in your room, you’ll undoubtedly agree whatever you spent was worth every satang. Choose wisely and you’ll probably be able to forgo the cost of one of those little blue pills too.

Sexy underwear for men in all the colors of the rainbow is featured at the Halfnaked Shop.

Sexy underwear for men in all the colors of the rainbow is featured at the Halfnaked Shop.

Halfnaked currently carries eight different brands of underwear and swim wear. Here’s a look at what you can find there:

Cover Male:
Cover Male is a men’s underwear and swim wear brand from U.S.A. The brand features classic and timeless styles for men who want to indulge their passion for underwear. The manufacturer takes pride in showcasing a great mixture of class, elegance, and masculinity in each of its collections. Offering a full line of styles from bikinis to G-strings, and swim wear, shirts, and accessories too, Cover Male is probably the most traditional line carried at Halfnaked. But they don’t ignore the desires of customers who want something a bit sexy either. They have a line of briefs with partially meshed areas, just where you’d want mesh. And their Cheeky boxers and briefs are designed to be worn either traditionally, or wit your ass cheeks hanging out

Half Naked 4

Half Naked 5

Half Naked 5b

The Good Devil:
The Good Devil brand is based out of Miami. It’s a cutting-edge brand that empowers the devil in you. Along with bikinis, briefs, boxers, and jockstraps, The Good Devil takes it a step, or three, further. Their ‘Extra Mini Thong” is basically a shoestring. And that’s just at the front. There’s also a line of C-String underwear that skimps on the underwear part of the design in favor of the cock-ring each pair sports. Pouches and socks play a major role in their lines’ designs too, from barely there to why bother?

Half Naked 6

Half Naked 7

N2N Bodywear is out of Los Angeles and is aimed toward the gay traveler and adventurous metro-sexual. Not your typical underwear and swim wear company; N2N truly embraces the male physique and takes it to the next level of true sex appeal. Their line includes basic briefs (with pouch) but quickly grows into the erotic with no pretense at being underwear cock rings, leather G-strings and slingshots, and briefs, bikinis, and boxers that are nothing but net. N2N also offers several collections of swim wear from board shorts to G-strings, including the Catalina Bold, a throwback to the Speedo stylings of the ’70s with a draw cord instead of an elastic waist for a low and saggy, tight, and form-fitting look that’s completely customizable. Or as the manufacturer puts it: Up to you!

Half Naked 8

Half Naked 9

Enhancement seems to be the operative word behind Intymen’s line of underwear and swim wear. And according to the company, enhancement means cock rings, pouches, hammocks, see-through briefs, and butt-lifting boxer briefs. Intymen’s lines are inspired by the classics but given an edge that takes the garments to the next level; they may well do the same for your sex life.

Half Naked 10

Half Naked 11

Tired of wearing underwear that either flattens your pouch or has you adjusting yourself all day because it is unbearable, the Agacio guys came up with the most comfortable underwear ever – all designed where it really matters, the pouch. Using a ” lifting technology” that allows your package to fall exactly in the right spot this brand out of Miami bills itself as underwear made for men by men. And since what separates the men from boys is the package, Agacio’s underwear won’t leave you hanging. Made of 96% modal and 4% spandex for a lightweight, soft fit, they offer bikinis, thongs, boxer briefs, briefs, and jockstraps that are more about comfort than show. But then when you’re a man of prodigious size, it’s the former that matters ‘cuz you already have the latter covered.

Half Naked 12

Half Naked 13

Splash Bodywear:
Splash Bodywear is a local Thai brand of swim wear that combines design with vibrant colors to bring out the inner masculine form of men. It does a good job of bringing out the outer masculine form too as every piece in their line is designed to fit a man snugly. While theirs is intended for wearing on the beach or poolside, their styles mimic underwear and come in bikinis, briefs, trunks, jammers, and shorts. But with a bit of spice. Or maybe that’s just influenced by the gogo bars on Soi Twilight. Their Break Away Shorts, do just that: two clips on both side allow the trunk to be quickly removed with one good tug. Or if ya wanna get to just the goods quicker, their Detachable Front Trunk has snaps to detach the crotch area fabric with just a pull.

Half Naked 14

Half Naked 15

Half Naked 15b

AQUX is a men’s swim wear and underwear brand from Japan that says it’s for “groovy guys”. More to point, the brand claims its creative designs “draws out male charm boundlessly”. And ya know what’s the most charming part of a man. Based on a concept of “sexy and lovely” designer-pattern maker Masami Seki’s cool and sexy collections are all geared toward helping customers to “accentuate their male attractiveness to the max”. And unlike female designers of men’s underwear, Seki does know dick. With bikinis, super bikinis, trunks, squarecuts, jockstraps, thongs, and – if that wasn’t enough – sexy undies, AQUX is quickly becoming the brand of choice for those with a body to show off throughout Asia.

Half Naked 16

Half Naked 17

Their best selling swim wear line is Naughty Boy, which ignores the waist in favor of an inch of pubes and then barely goes further. Their super bikini collection is even smaller. That philosophy carries into their underwear line too. Their Nano Boxer makes a regular paid of briefs look like swim wear from the 1920s, and in case you don’t know what really matters, they’ve used mesh in all of their underwear collections. Although why they bothered to do so with their Sexy Undies line is beyond me; one model has a cut out where it matters in both the front and the back to please both tops and bottoms.

Half Naked 18

Half Naked 19

Half Naked 19b

TM and TXM are both brands from the same Japanese company that feature super elastic, super soft, and super thin fabric, making their “innerwear” one of the most comfortable in the world. Not to mention one of the smallest. They offer men’s and uni-sex lines, but little fabric in either. In fact, in their swim wear collection, the trunks look more like an abbreviated brief, and their G-strings are heavy on string but not much else. When you move into their underwear collections, things get even more non-existent. I’ve seen band-aids that would cover more than TM and TXM’s underwear does. Which should be a plus in anyone’s book. On the downside, all of their products are one size fits all. And that one size is XXXXS. But if there ever was a line of men’s underwear designed for lovers of twinks, the TM and TXM brands are it.

Half Naked 20

Half Naked 21

Half Naked 22

Considering the extremes some of these underwear brands go to, Halfnaked might be over-dressed. But then since that’s a faux pas your boy du jour should never be guilty of, drop by one of The Halfnaked Shop’s location and show your love. Your best buddy will be glad you did.