Makes ya wanna dip some skinny, huh?

Makes ya wanna dip some skinny, huh?

a foot up I’ve never quite got foot fetish folk, although I did once give a guy a foot job. Nonetheless, if feet are what makes your best buddy stand, the Vajankle is the sex toy for you. It’s probably popular among gay zombies too. (Thanks Robert. I think.)

Thai power This pictorial salute to Bangkok’s wonderfully hideous overhead cable art is a retrospective only a true fan of The Big Mango could enjoy. And I did.

olympic nudity Olympic Boxer Luke Campbell Got Naked for Gay Times Magazine.

Infinite Asians Infinite Asians is this week’s NSFW Tumblr link and not only ‘cuz we’re all glad there are an infinite amount of hot Asian guys.

dickless in china Yet another reason to be happy you’re gay: only women think about cutting off their partner’s penis. And some think about doing it twice.

agressively passive The Secrets To Handling Passive-Aggressive People may provide some good insight for anyone with a Thai boyfriend ‘cuz that’s an art they’ve all seemed to have mastered.

hot driver Forget all those complaints about taxi drivers at Suvarnabhumi, ‘cuz no one wil bitch about the fare charged by Bangkok’s hottest motocy taxi driver.