Ringing In The New Year

Going through my photos for a few of bell and gong ringing for a ringing in the new year post – other than those featuring a nude dude – I ran across this one among several others (not counting the aforementioned nude dude ones). And it sucks. There’s no bell. Or gong. Or nude dude for that matter. There was a drum. But it’s not in the photo. And you can’t even see the guy’s face who is pictured to see if you’d want him to be a nude dude. Plus it’s a bit blurry. Which was Noom’s call as he deleted it from my computer. But fortunately Noom’s computer skills do not include knowing about emptying the trash can. ‘Cuz despite all of its faults, I like this shot.

We were in Chiang Mai, visiting Wat Phan Tao during Yee Ping again. At night, they decorate the ground outside the ubosot with thousands of candles in little clay jars. So it’s a very picturesque setting. Unexpectedly during our visit, a five or six man drum troupe appeared, swirling about and beating their little hearts out. It was dark, which isn’t a good thing for photography. And they were moving like crazy, which didn’t help either. By the time I got close enough to take a shot their performance was almost over. So technically, it was one of those shots that got away. Except I managed to click this one anyway

Despite it’s blurriness, composition-wise it’s a good photo. The crowd is just enough out of focus to be background, and yet their attention draws your eyes to the drummer anyway. And while the guy to the left has nothing to do with the shot he looks like he’s walking away and the drummer’s attention seems to be focused on him. Or maybe that’s just the gay part of me reading something into the story that isn’t there. And while from the shot you’d have no reason to know why, the drummer’s movement is captured too. It’s one of those shots that makes you stop and look again. Although that could just be that you’re wondering what in the hell the photo is supposed to be about.

It works best, however, because despite all of its faults and its possible story that wasn’t, it immediately brings back that night. To me. Which is the important thing. To me. Although I’ll admit the shot I took of Noom naked in bed that night does the same. But that’s a different story. And a different memory.