I think those halls need a bit of decking.

I think those halls need a bit of decking.

chan If whoever it was that hacked Sony Pictures really cared about us they would have leaked a copy of the Hong Kong movie Voyage starring Viet hottie Chan Than San, who goes full frontal. Finally.

ben's buddy As did Ben Affleck in Gone Girl, and someone has finally captured that moment in all of its glory. All I can say is that Matt Damon is one very lucky fellow.

holiday cash Banks in Bangkok will be handing out their own version of those little red envelopes this New Years. From 12/31 to 1/4 ATM withdrawal fees are being waived. Or as Noom would put it, “It free!”

jingle my bells ‘Tis the season for cute junk-laden versions of Jingle Bells, which the boys from Andrew Christian finally got right this year in this uncensored film clip. Huh. I no longer hate that song as much as I once did.

Chris Something tells me Tom will be hiding the latest Attitude Magazine issue in the Lance Black-Daley household to keep roving eyes from checking out team mate Chris Mears, who once again appears naked in the British publication.

gay voice While scientist continue to research what it is that makes guys gay – when the money would be better spent figuring out what makes guys straight so we could find a cure – the guys at Slate magazine’s Lexicon Valley podcast have traced the origins of the ‘gay voice’. Speaking of things that we need to find a cure for.

Asian Man Porn Asian Man Porn is this week’s NSFW Tumblr link, because who doesn’t love Asian man porn?

not so broke not so straight I recently saw a T-shirt that read: I’m Not Gay (But $20 is $20). Which you’d think was a promo item for the new Here TV reality show, Broke Straight Boys (available on Comcast) premiering Dec. 19th. Billed as “part Real World and part Real Housewives” unless they include the gay porn from the website I’m not sure how popular it will be. It shouldn’t be long now before we get a Thai bar boy reality show. And I call copyright on the idea.