naked male ass

Tight end. Huh. Must be football season again.

two of a kind As an expert on all things penis, I’m sure you already know the correct pronunciation of its plural. (Hint: it is not Oh Goodie!)

bangkok fatty You’d think from its name that Bangkok Fatty would be a farang sexpat’s blog but instead it’s about overindulging of a different kind. Not that Bangkok foodie blogs are difficult to find, but this blogger offers some great tips on where in town to find American-size meals and his love of food is all about eating it rather than coming up with pretentious phrases to describe what landed on his plate. And he’s funny too. It’s a great blog to spend an hour or two clicking through; I’ll start you off with his review of the new Food Republic food court at Siam Center.

thorpedo After years of denying it, Australia’s five-time Olympic gold medallist swimmer Ian Thorpe and his thorpedo came out as gay yesterday. Huh. Those recent naked shots of Michael Phelps must have been hotter than I thought.

up a lazy river I’ve always though the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat was a bit of a scam since it offers nothing more than the regular express boats which cost only 15 baht. And I still do. But Things to See and Do from the Bangkok Tourist Boat is a handy little guide for the newbie of what you’ll find at the major piers. Uh, needless to say, you can see all of the same sights taking the cheaper watercraft.

I Love Sexy Asian Twinks Not that I necessarily do, but since y’all seem to this week’s NSFW Tumblr link is I Love Sexy Asian Twinks.

brad Back before he started enjoying Billy Bob Thornton’s sloppy seconds, Brad Pitt was actually cute when he started out and appeared in this commercial for Pringles.

jet lag I’d always thought sex was the answer, but according to the latest in science, the best thing you can do to get over jet lag is to pig out.

cry me a river Cute kittens? Nope. Dogs doing funny things? Nope. An elephant crying tears of joy over being freed after 50 years of abusive captivity? How could you resist that?

now he will swallow instead of spitting At only $4.50 per load, you might be interested in Semenex if you are tired that he spits instead of swallows.

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