naked male butt

See! I told ya there was a god!

bts cute guys BTS Cute Guy is a Facebook page where you can post surreptitiously taken photos of the cuties and hunks you were perving on while riding public transportation in Bangkok. Consider it Google Street View for voyeurs.

5 seconds While I can’t think of any single place in Thailand where I’d invoke the 5 Second Rule, someone after that free government grant money says it’s not what you dropped but what you dropped it on that counts. Unless you are a woman.

baby monk shot I don’t do videos of cute kittens doing funny things, but baby monks are a completely different story.

Thai and Asian cocks This week’s gratuitous Asian male nudity NSFW Tumblr link, Thai and Asian Cocks! gets right to the heart of the matter. At least I assume that’s what’s thumping.

butts of fame The 24 Best Man Butts in Hollywood includes photographic evidence of that claim.

or just use sign language A 2 minute video lesson providing all the Thai you need to know, How To Say Assshole in Thai, includes a few other choice phrases like fuck your mother. Probably not a good idea to use your new found knowledge in everyday settings, but when you discover your boy special really isn’t different, it might come in handy.

not friendly skies 10 Types Of People Who Will Always Be On Your Flight is a good reminder of why they invented steerage. And Valium.

Permanent Residence Like last week’s Queer Flicks link, and by the same director, 2009’s Permanent Residence from Hong Kong explores the story of a man who is passionately in love with an unavailable straight buddy . . . which doesn’t quite explain all the male nudity and gay coupling going on. But then when did male nudity and gay coupling ever require an explanation? Google will help you find a free download of the movie, but this 4 minute montage of the film’s highlights (aka lots of naked gay shit going on) set to Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply will give you a good idea of what the movie holds in store for you.

permanent nakedness Because one good (naked) link deserves another: Simon Lover covered Permanent Residence in a post that is filled with screen caps of the best parts of the movie (which, again, would be lots of naked gay shit going on) and also provides photos from the promotional book that accompanied the film in which the director (in an attempt to emphasize the semi-autobiographical nature of the film) replaces one of the movie’s stars in recreated scenes (and again those would be the ones with lots of naked gay shit going on) that includes a few full-frontal shots of Byron Pang, who starred in last week’s Queer Flicks link, Amphetamine.

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