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I’m beginning to think that salty old cuss I met in Penang who represented himself as a professional photographer was less of a camera buff and more of a mind-fucker extraordinaire. His advice that all one needed to take were seven shots of . . . well, he never quite qualified that little detail. But he was adamant about the quantity. That seemed too restrictive of a rule to me then, and it still does today. But it still sticks in my mind. The bastard. There’s a good reason your mother told you to never talk to strangers.

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My 7 Shots series of posts was supposed to pay homage to that ideal. And provide me with an excuse to post some of my travel shots. Not to mention make for a quick and easy article. Today’s started off being a selection of photos from my (far too many) visits to the Umbrella Village in Chiang Mai. A major part of any Handcraft Tour, it’s one of those things you are supposed to do as a touri there. Kinda liked visiting an elephant camp and taking a ride. Neither quite measures up to the hype. But both provide lots of good photo ops. I probably should have gone with the elephants.

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One thing leads to another and the umbrella idea quickly turned into tons of photos from SE Asia, all featuring an umbrella. Mad dogs and Englishman aside, I never considered how ubiquitous umbrellas are in the region. Even when it is not the rainy season. Photography-wise, I have enough shots to do seven posts of umbrellas alone. Which you probably should take as a warning.

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Today’s ended up with a photo from Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Bali, Phnom Penh, Angkor Wat, and Luang Prabang (in that order if ya needed to know). If that bastard had allowed for eight, there’d be one from Phuket too. But hey, I’ve got at least six more 7 Shots posts to go. So stay tuned.

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Now if I can just find an Ubiquitous Plastic Stool Shot! with an umbrella in it my life will be complete. Throw in a monk and I’d never have to post under this heading again.

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