This could end up a bit messy.

This could end up a bit messy.

Depending on when and how you accessed my blog today, things may look a bit different than what you are used to. Unless I really screw things up – but then you won’t be seeing this anyway so we’ll just ignore that possibility. In any case, last month I did warn you there were some change coming. And as much as you may have hoped that meant no more black background with white text . . . well you’ve probably been wrong many times before in your life so at least that’s one thing that hasn’t changed.

If I get this right, where you used to see several posts with the newest at the top of the page you’ll now see a static page listing truncated content with links to the full articles listed. Ideally, this will allow you, as well as new visitors, to pick and choose the blog content you are interested in. Or more importantly, skip the stuff that is of no interest to you. There are several other good reasons for this change too. The most important being that I’m bored and want to do something different.

The downside – other than change, which I know some of you hate – is that I’m not really sure how any of this will play out. I thought I did, but have already found (I think) better ways of doing some of the things I wanted to do. Plus stuff I’d not considered. So don’t get too used to whatever happens today ‘cuz by tomorrow that could change too. If you really hate change you may want to just hold off and check back in another week. Who knows, by then I may have gotten bored with making changes, scrapped the entire plan, and gone back to what once was.

Content-wise, while I’m playing with formatting, posts this week may be a bit skimpy. I could takes the easy way out and just post pictorial articles, but despite what you may have heard I’m not easy. So I’ll be a whore instead – which you may also have heard of me – and link to a few other blogs. Today’s is a nice soft-porn entry from The Omniwhore from his visit to Bali, The Gay Happy Ending Story. I just hope that whatever form the new look for my blog takes ends a happily.