blow me

2,000+ posts, 10,000+ pix, and 9,000+ comments later, this week marks the anniversary of a decision I made on a lark three years ago to become a blogger. Having already added the title of sex tourist to my belt, that seemed the only available step down left to me. The nice thing is, when you set the bar low enough, it’s easy to succeed.

It’s been a tumultuous year for Thailand. And for the gay Thailand message boards too. You’d think there’d be a connection there, but the country is still spinning along its merry path, even if to the outside it looks to be quite wobbly. Not so the forums. Regardless of the view, wobbly is a compliment these days. Two have folded, leaving three, and none of those is exactly what you could call healthy. Why? I have my own conclusion on that subject but I’ll save them for another day and another post. Because it’ my blog’s birthday and this post is supposed to be all about me. (We’ll just pretend this entire blog isn’t out of respect for the joyous occasion.)

But no man is an island – Boo Hoo’s blog too seems to have finally faded away into an oblivion of its own creation, without anyone noticing, and someone has to pick up the slack for over-using hackneyed cliches – and the sorry state of affairs on the forums does impact this blog. There are just not that many characters left to poke fun at. Which has always been a staple of this blog since its inception. Shame that. But at least I’ll always have homophobes to ridicule.

So expect less character assassination stemming from the message boards in the upcoming year. Unfortunately, for the large part, those left actively posting have no character worth assassinating. Undoubtedly there will be other change too. Though I can’t tell you what they are because this endeavor has never been a well-thought out one. There will be a few in format, I’m still tinkering so I’m not sure if that’ll be in a week or two or some where off in the distant future. And the gods only know what other little things my devious mind will come up with by then too.

More importantly, a big mahalo to those of you who have been clicking in to my little world over the last three years. I never realized how many masochists there are in the world. But I’m grateful that you are, and that you keep coming back for more of my abuse. So thank you. Especially to those of you who take the time to leave the occasional comment. Y’all make doing what I do worth doing. So you only have yourselves to blame.