bobsled bear 1

Cool. Despite my temporary concerns, all is right with the world. In my Olympics coverage on Monday about the male bulges at Sochi – and the lack thereof – I’d mentioned that after seeing a shirtless shot of U.S. bobsledding brakeman Steve Langton I might be facing a major mea culpa moment for snarking on the couch potato builds of the men’s bobsledding teams. Steve’s pecs aside, thanks to this wardrobe malfunction photo tweeted by Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring, my faith in the bears of the Olympics has been restored. Spring, who was scheduled to race the next day, noted that his uniform might be a bit too tight.

bobsled bear 2

Langton’s partner in the two-man event, pilot Steven Holcomb, on the other hand, embraces his bearness to the fullest, having posed for a fully nude photo of his grizzly self in ESPN’s 2010 Body Issue to prove he has no issues with his body. Which makes me think that Thailand could do a lot better for itself in the Winter Games by fielding The Pattaya Bobsledding Team, which could certainly gives those Jamacians a run for the money for being the crowd favorite. They’ve already got the build for it and as a bonus they’ve already got the loser part down pat too.

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