7 shots best 1 #6

When I started this series of posts it was not my intention to spread my shots out over the SE Asian countries I’ve visited, but that seems to be where I’m headed. So Laos, and Luang Prabang is today’s lucky winner. Using the determination that the Best Of The Best 7 Shots means those photographs that immediately transport you back to a time and place and stir your memories of a trip, for Luang Prabang any shot with a steep flight of stairs in it would do the job. And any with both those stairs and a monk would be perfect – there are lots of both in the World Heritage town.

But our hotel was right next to where the morning market (and night market too) was held, and we started off every morning walking through the stalls, picking out fresh produce to take back to our hotel to be cooked for our breakfast. Which meant Noom picking out fish and me grumbling about how much I detest fish in any form.

But payback’s a bitch and that meant Noom had to spend his mornings attempting to explain what all of the strange foods we encountered were. Except for betel nuts. Thanks to years spent in Hawaii and overseeing a Pacific Islander gardening crew, I bought some, borrowed some tobacco, lime powder, and rolling papers to make a chewing wad, and popped it in my mouth with a big smile. The look on Noom’s face was priceless. And would have made the money shot if I’d taken it. But this one works just a well.

I’m not sure what these ladies were selling, but from the look of their haul, it was a profitable morning. You can’t beat a morning that ends up with a basket full of cash. I just hope they didn’t use those proceeds to buy some fish for breakfast.

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