naked male ass

Small waist, big butt, meaty thighs . . . what more could you ask for?

olympic eye candy Tom Daley strikes what is undoubtedly a familiar pose in his life while vacationing in Fort Lauderdale. (It must suck being Chris Mears – he joined Tommy but serves as nothing more than a photographic backdrop.) Better yet, Italian Olympic swimmer Filippo Magnini shows how a swimming suit is supposed to be worn.

scrooge mcduck Instead of a Cheap Bastard Tip of the Week, I thought I’d throw Beachball a bone and offer a tip for the rich and infamous instead. Proving that America’s streets are still paved with gold, even for the disabled, here’s how your money can help you cut lines at your favorite amusement park. Say it ain’t so Mickey!

Hajime Dalu Robot Restaurant Bangkok’s Hajime Dalu Robot Restaurant’s hook is that the waitstaff are all robots. Not the human kind that serve as waiters at many eateries, but actual robots. I haven’t tried it, am still debating whether I should, but that the robots also sing and dance doesn’t bode well; I get sick of that act at TGIF’s enough already.

you stink On the other technological hand, a robot that lets you know if you are good to go or should consider bathing before your night out on the town, ain’t a bad idea. The life of a bar boy in Pattaya just got a bit more pleasant.

radioactive rubbers From the What Were They Thinking files: is it still considered safe sex when your rubber is radioactive?

cellphone Wandering the streets of Bangkok and you stumble upon the man of your dreams but he doesn’t speak a word of English? A smile and a few vulgar hand gestures might get your suggestions across, but if you want to be a bit more polite, or detailed, now there’s an app for that. (Thanks Robert!)

akward photos Stock photos, for those without a clue, are commercial photographs generally sold for use in on-line and print editorials. So, for example, if you are writing an article about old people who gum pastries you might select a photo of an old crone whose mouth is smeared with blueberry pie. Or you’d just use Google and steal it from somewhere off the net like I do. Photographers who specialize in this art form think up some pretty crazy stuff, some often NSFW, a lot that just elicits a WTF? Awkward Stock Photos has gathered the best of the lot, proving that while every picture may well indeed tell a story, some of those stories are sickly twisted.

Boy Crush Boy Crush is a cute little 12 minute indie film about a young Indonesian man questioning his sexual orientation thanks to the crush he has on his room mate.

Love Coaching Love Coaching Thailand is a nascent blog by Benjamin Brossart, a French consultant, personal coach, and (appropriately to some degree) comedian whose blog offers dating and relationship advice for those smitten by a local guy while in Thailand. Though someone needs to coach him on the use of paragraphs, it’s always interesting to read about Thai/Farang relationships – good or bad – without the gay Thailand message board’s disgruntled and disenfranchised chiming in.

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