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I know. Songkran was last week. But Pattaya thinks it is this weekend. And who am I to say differently?

pissed again Dual pricing in Thailand is one of those things sexpats love to bitch about so I expected this site to be just more moaning, but it’s actually fairly well-balanced in approach. The result, however, is the same – it’ll give you specifics to complain about thanks to listing every place the author has experienced or heard of farang pricing occurring.

origami In last week’s End of the Week post I told you about Origami Condoms. This week I’ve found the peni they were designed for. Which has gotta be cheaper to play with than any guy you off from a bar. Yup, time to let your artistic side run free. Just watch out for paper cuts.

air asia If drag queens are your thing, you can catch Virgin-mogul Sir Richard Branson in his debut as a ladyboy on Air Asia’s Perth to Kuala Lumpur flight on May 12.

beer I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but we may have a new recurring theme for End of the Week posts, so here’s the newest entry to the Cheap Bastard Tip Of The Week: It turns out you do not need to down – or pay for – an entire six pack to get happy. That beer had you at the first sip.

Mujou A lot of photographers rely on thumbnails to display their work on their website. That practice makes it nice for visitors – you can click on only those shots you are interested in for the full size version. Artistic male nude photographer Mujou has gone a different rout on the page I’m linking to, a collage of slivers of naked Asian guys that makes you click on every one. Smart move on his part, and considering the reward I’m not even pissed at being manipulated.

wallet Too late for Christian, but here are 8 Things To Never Keep In Your Wallet.

orgasm Do Men Fake Orgasms? A new book by Dr. Abraham Morgantaler – Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex – chronicles real-life cases of men whose climaxes are, in reality, rather anti-climactic. This should be required reading for bar boys; faking it would be preferable to laying there and doing nothing.

Wat Doi Wao I get the tie-in with Thailand when it comes to the three-headed elephant building better known as the Erawan Museum, but am not quite sure of Wat Doi Wao’s fascination with a much smaller creature. With several hundred stairs to climb, it’s no wonder that it is one of those Places In Thailand Jabba Has Never Heard Of.

smarty pants Enquiring minds want to know: Is all that blood rushing to the little head in men who live in countries where the average penis size is humongous responsible for a lack of brain power in their big head? Not that anyone then cares if you have brains or not, but the National IQ Scores vs Average Penis Size map answers this, um, probing question.

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