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Like you didn’t know I’d go with a luscious wet end to celebrate Songkran this week . . .

penny pinching Christian made Gay Thailand message board history by telling how he refills bottles of water and carries them around in his backpack while visiting Bangkok’s gogo bars. Sorry dude, but you’ve been out-frugaled. This site touting the joys of expat life in Thailand says its far more economical to buy bigger bottles of drinking water than the smaller ones, and that no one will bat an eye if you fill your empties from the supply in hotel foyers or Buddhist temples, along with offering a few dozen other handy tips on how to be a cheap bastard in the Land of Smiles.

bottoms up Can You Tell Who Is A Top Or A Bottom Simply By Looking At A Guy? Well, no. It’s more about how the guy is looking at you. But according to that drunk drag queen at the end of the bar a study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, you can correctly identify the top or bottom in a gay male relationship based on facial features. So If you consider yourself versatile, you might want to take a look in a mirror.

monk porn Normally I’d save this type of link for a full post, but a story about masturbating monk desperados is too juicy to let sit until I get around to filling it out. Thanks Robert! But then I’ll one up you with this tale of a Buddhist monk who collapsed while having sex with a pregnant dog living at his temple.

dino sex Along with Jurassic Park being re-released in 3D comes the news from the film’s Oscar winning sound editor that those noises the Velociraptors in the movie made were the sounds of love. You’d think he would have just recorded the mating calls of the dinosaurs who’ve retired to Pattaya, but instead went further up the evolutionary chain.

condom Considering the size of the material you would have to work with, the Japanese art of origami would not be the first thing you’d think about in designing a new condom. But then since the Origami Condom promises to ‘endure intense motion without tearing’ I might be willing to give it a try. That Bill Gates partially funded its development does have me worried though. It’s not like he’s ever been able to put out a version of Windows that didn’t have numerous potentially fatal bugs.

bar secrets In Thailand it may be that that cute little bar boy really won’t do everything regardless of what he says, but that just means there’s one more than 10 Things Bars Won’t Tell You.

gay myths 10 Straight Myths About Gay Guys looks at popular misconceptions from our breeder brethren. Though I may disagree – #2 All Gay Men Are Whores, really isn’t a myth.

Thailand longest wooden bridge Size does matter: Having the longest in Thailand and the second longest in the world ain’t bad. That it is one of those Places In Thailand Jabba Has Never Heard Of ain’t bad either.

rSEANd Photography Sean Dibble of Maryland based rSEANd Photography shoots some of the world’s hunkiest Asian male models, though his work also extends to hotties of all colors. His work has appeared in Beautiful Mag, Paragon Men, Ooh La La Mag, Favorite Hunks, BLISS Male Mag, and numerous on-line blog and websites. His blog, linked to here, is fun to peruse for the obvious reason, but if you follow the link you’ll find there to his website, you’ll get to se some of his full nudity work too.

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