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That’s not quite the right way to color Easter eggs. Butt then again . . .

gay sauna porn I can’t decide if the blogger responsible for Exotic Orientalism has an even drier sense of humor than I do, or if he’s talking art beyond my level of comprehension. His area of interest is the “vibrant, underground contemporary art scene currently thriving in various saunas, health spas, and massage parlours” in Bangkok, which to the rest of us is gay porn flicks that are shown at the city’s more popular saunas like Babylon.

steamroom easter Does He Have an Easter Egg Up His Butt or Not? Steam Room Stories Video celebrates Easter in their own unique way.

gay easter Peeps got robbed, and how Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs only managed to score the 9th place needs explanation, but this ranking of the 17 most popular Easter candy includes chocolate from the UK, so you already know something is wrong. On the other hand, if you think Easter like everything else in the world is really all about you, you can learn what your favorite Easter candy says about you.

coffee If you too have noticed that Thais don’t quit understand the idea of coffee – it’s not something brown to flavor your mug of cream and sugar with – P’Luang Khon Gafe, a street food stall/roach coach serves up Bangkok’s best coffee, using local Thai coffee beans grown in the North of the country.

brotherly Watching two brothers do it is to gay men what watching two lesbians go at it is to our straight brethren. Now that I have your undivided attention (unless you already clicked the link) Brotherly is an 11 minute gay short film based on the true story of two Asian brothers in the 1970’s who grew up in an incestuous relationship.

underwear The Best Underwear Styles For Every Body Type may only apply to those who have a body that anyone wants to see in underwear.

pad thai I keep meaning to do a post about this place and never manage to get around to it, so I’ll cheat and just provide a link to where you can get the best pad thai in Bangkok; even though it’s food and cheap since there are no boys available as take-out it’s one of those Places In Thailand Jabba Has Never Heard Of. Good thing too or there wouldn’t be any left by the time you got served.

dead goldfish The latest fad in China? Keychains containing live animals like turtles and fish in small plastic bags where supposedly they live for up two months, or as they are known in N. Korea, MREs. Yes, the world is outraged. Like the goldfish kids in the US win at carnivals fare any better . . .

Biron asian male nudes San Francisco based photographer Biron specializes in multicultural male erotic portraits. His work exhibited at a show in Paris last year is now viewable on-line and features 35 naked hunks in a wide variety of colors and sizes that will please any gay man’s taste.

Tarntawan Of course Tarntawan made the list, but you may not be familiar with a few of the other entries of The Top Ten Most Gay Friendly Hotels In Thailand.

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