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With the right attitude, hooking up at a gay bar really isn’t that difficult.

hot male That Gay Backpacker (a full time homosexual type who’s a bit keen on travel) blogs about hot locals, dodgy gay bars, and how the humidity is messin’ with his hair during his adventures in SE Asia. This entry from last month is about his visit to the Hot Male gogo bar on Soi Twilight, and describes a young newbie’s view of Bangkok’s bar world. You should take the time to read some of his other posts about Thailand too. They’re more positive.

manscaping 27,000 gay men can’t be wrong. Or maybe they can be. In a recent poll by Manhunt, the vast majority of gay men reported they prefer their partners to leave their body hair alone, though 21% preferred manscaping of the penis shaft. Huh. Maybe a large number of those guy’s partners were smooth Asians to start with.

ink I thought that it was just in reference to real estate, but it turns out it’s not necessarily about what your ink is as much as it is about where it is: What Your Tattoo Location Says About You.

zombie me The lack of sincerity in Thai moneyboys who respond to your profile on gay hook up sites like Gay Romeo fool few. Regardless of how hideous your profile picture may be, you’ll still get tons of messages from local boys professing their love. How do you know if the guy is really attracted to you and has not just fallen in love with your wallet? There’s an app for that. Part of a promotion for the new season of The Walking Dead, the Dead Yourself Photo App allows you to turn yourself into a putrid, oozing, undead nightmare of a zombie. But even then you may not be indistinguishable from the typical Sunee Plaza denizen.

spiderman Spidey has always been my favorite superhero. Even after they cast Andrew Garfield’s scrawny ass in the role. I always thought my attraction was due to Spiderman’s spider-sense, and that he managed to pull off looking hot while wearing red. His web-shooters were kinda cool too. Thanks to science I now know differently – that’s not webbing shooting from his wrists.

gay best I guess it’s how you define ‘best’ but when Bangkok only comes in at the #4 spot, and then it’s Silom Soi 2 and 4, something seems a bit off. But then again Pattaya didn’t even make the list of The 10 Best Gay Districts in Asia, so maybe they did get it right.

Leslie Kee I’ve always assumed the pixilation required by Japanese censors was because they didn’t want the world to know how small Japanese men are, and didn’t want their population traumatized by seeing how large men from other nations were. Whatever the reason, the authorities are still serious about enforcing their laws against showing dick. This week they arrested Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee for selling his photobooks of artistically posed nude men. You can check out his site to see what all the fuss is about. Surprisingly, some of the fuss is quite large too.

gay movie So you are sitting in Bangkok idly perusing Craigslist when you run across an ad titled: WESTERN MALES NEEDED FOR GAY VIDEO. Of course you’d click on that heading even if you aren’t an exhibitionist. And when the pay is $400 plus an all-expense paid trip to Chiang Mai . . . what do you do? Okay, but what do you do if you’re straight?

Flashlight Market Head to Chinatown with your boy du jour and he’ll probably be hoping your plans are to visit one of the gold shops. You can avoid that expense by hitting one of Bangkok’s best flea market style street markets instead, and these days you won’t even need a flashlight anymore. Your visit may be more for the experience and color than for actually buying something, but then it’s one of those Places In Thailand Jabba Has Never Heard Of, so who cares?

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