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And I just became a fan of boxer shorts.

shitsville Occasionally I run across a blog that I can not get enough of. I quickly devour every page and then get pissed that new entries are so slow in coming. This isn’t one of those. That’s possibly not the greatest recommendation you’ve read here. But I wouldn’t bother providing a link if it wasn’t worth reading at all. Wandering Froward is about a 40-something gay American who cashed in his life in the U.S. and moved to Thailand to start enjoying life again. His posts are well-written, short – something I aspire to as one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013 (Oh, damn, make that 2014) – honest, straightforward, and often funny. There is good info and insights for both touri and those considering the expat life. And he trashes Pattaya. Spend some time clicking through past posts, you’ll be glad you did.

fart In honor of tomorrow being National Bean Day: Did you know that the average person farts 14 times each day? Or that due to the chemical composition of farts, you can not suffocate in a chamber filled with your own farts? Your Farts: The Facts is an educational infographic filled with fart-related data. Hey, as long as people are referring to you as an old fart, you might as well know exactly what they are talking about.

not the friendly skies Whodathunk? Christian PFC is the passenger of choice according to a survey of 700 international cabin crew members. The survey looks at the most annoying habits of air passengers. I’m still looking for a survey that looks at the most annoying habits of cabin crew members . . .

soi dog monk shot! Um, okay . . . Bloggers tend to specialize in specific areas that interest them, so you have Thailand-related blogs that cover the commercial sex industry, tourism, shopping, dining and/or cooking . . . if nothing else it’s interesting to see what it is about the Land Of Smiles that engages someone enough to blog about it. Many have written a post about Bangkok’s soi dogs. They are an integral part of the city’s landscape and hard to miss. Bangkok Street Dogs takes their story to new heights, each post is an ‘introduction’ to a different soi dog that often reads like a hook-up site for canines. I’m not surprised the blog is now defunct. I am surprised it stayed operable for 5 years.

Haruehun Airry There are a small handful of photographers specializing in the male body whose work is instantly identifiable. Bruce Weber and Rick Day are good examples. Bangkok based photographer Haruehun Airry’s hot male torso shots (with pubes) are becoming his iconic look, and his Asian models look damn good. This link takes you to a shot of hunky Jason Chee, but there’s hours of eye candy fun on the photographer’s blog.

granny love One of the first things you learn even as an amateur photographer is to pay attention to the background in your shots. It’s too easy to snap a picture of your friend that ends up looking like he has a tree growing out of his head. Then there are those photos that would be improved by the appearance of nothing more than a strange tree-like growth as in these hilarious 10 Portraits Ruined By The Mirror.

Out in Thailand Free magazines covering the gay scene in Thailand tend to come and go. The latest making a stab at coming is OUT in Thailand, which has been around for a while now. You can occasionally find a copy at your favorite gay venue while in Thailand, but up until now the on-line edition required registration to view. And ya know, I really can’t be bothered. But now you can read both the current and past issues without registering – and even the display ads can be of interest.

batman beef Who is your favorite Batman? If you said Adam West, you are not only dating yourself but your taste in men really sucks. Holy Hard-On Batman! Here is a shot of every single actor who has played the live action superhero morphed into one perfect bat-specimen..

gay vietnam You’ve probably heard by now that Vietnam is an emerging market. For a communist country, capitalism is making a steady inroad. The good news is that along with the rest of the country’s economy, male prostitution is on an upswing too. There’s even a gay ‘love market’ operating in Da Nang . . . (If you prefer a ‘how-to’ instead of a ‘what’ this article posing as a ‘how not to’ covers the nuts and bolts of prostitution in the backpacker area of Saigon – the part of the story you are interested in is at the end.)

Phanom Rung Historical Park Noom is in a bit of a quandary. He wants to go with me on my next visit to Angkor Wat and I can’t blame him, the ancient temples just outside of Siem Reap are truly amazing. But his pride in Thailand demands that I instead check out the Khmer ruins within his country’s borders first (which he’d like to see, too. And which, btw, are THAI not Khmer!!). We spent an hour flipping through guide books at Asia Books one afternoon so that he could pinpoint the spot and engage my interest. Of more interest at the time was how pissed he was that all the guide books listed Phanom Rung Historical Park in the wrong place (the books listed it as being located on the Khorat Plateau, Noom assumed they meant in Korat and obviously since Noom is Thai and whoever wrote the books isn’t they were wrong). But at least he knew of the site which is probably yet another to add to the list of Places In Thailand Jabba Has Never Hear Of.

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