nude asian ass

While availability may be what matters to some, selecting the end of all ends of this year for me was a bit more difficult. Do you go with size, color, degree of firmness, degree of ripeness, or what it is attached to? I think I did good. This is a rock-solid choice if there ever was one.

guysha Ladyboys are a dime a dozen in Thailand. In fact, you can get a dozen of the ugly ones for a dime. But there is only one male guysha in Japan. Cute play on words from the link, but I woulda gone with gaysha.

new years To help you get through this coming Tuesday morning: Hangover Myths Revealed. But they neither debunk or endorse the one that works like magic for me: a Big Mac.

benjamin godfre Some of the hottest guys in the world turn to the world of modeling for their career. And I thank the gods daily for hot, hunky male models to drool over. The anorexic ones have a short shelf life career-wise, the adonis-like models cruise for a while and then start showing off what we all really want to see: skin. If they continue to try to milk the scene, sooner or later we get to see dick. The tasty dollop of testostorne Benjamin Godfre is a good example. And then when we are really lucky, and the guy is desperate enough for bucks, their career takes a swing into gay porn. Oh yeah. Benjamin’s just has. He has a new video out from Raging Stallions Studio. It’s just a solo jack-off dvd, but step #2 can’t be too far behind . . .

mile high 5 Things You Can’t Do On A Plane. Huh. Actually that should be 5 things you are not supposed to do on a plane. And 4 to go . . .

boxer MMA and the other ‘professional’ cage fighters think they are tough and such bad asses. Maybe they have learned to take a punch, but winning is what counts. And if you can’t manage to have sex without fracturing your penis, your chances of surviving in the ring just ain’t that good.

sweeeet And while a disastrous breakage of your penis may scare the hell out of most guys, it’s probably not that big of a deal when you carry a built-in spare. And now I know what ‘blessed by the gods’ really means.

Wat Phai Rong Wua With the end of the year just days away, the glass half empty folk might appreciate celebrating the death of 2012 with a visit to this week’s addition to Places In Thailand Jabba Has Never Heard Of.

adrian goes gay Watch Adrien Brody get his gay on in Olaf & Paul, a just under 5 minute music video by French artist PacoVolume.

fecal feline Now you can enjoy all the smells of owning a cat without actually having to have pussy in your life. Why deal with overflowing litter boxes when you can have a beautiful piece of feline art on your wall instead?

look mom no balls In Italy, it is now illegal to tell a man he has no balls. Telling him he has a small penis is probably death sentence worthy. I’m glad the Italian economy is doing so well that their highest court can turn to these far more weighty matters.

angkor boy I’m planning another visit to Cambodia on my next trip. I’d like to see more of the country, though I know I’ll be stopping in Siem Reap again for a few days. I love that town. It’s so kick back. Last time I stayed at 8 Rooms – the hotel has opened a gay bar across the street since then but I really can’t convince myself to stay there again. I mean the bedspread in the room was imitation crushed red velvet. So I’m looking . . . and found a 27-year-old local part-time tour guide’s site, who just happens to be gay. You don’t need a guide for the ancient temples like Angkor Wat, but do need transpo. But I think spending the day with a homegrown homo could add a new element to the visit.

steviepics If you don’t mind a little potato with your intake of rice, SteviPics studio is devoted to bringing the beauty of the naked male body to life. Or at least to your computer screen.

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