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I always appreciate a photographer who knows how to use depth of field to focus on what is important.

The recent bump to an article I wrote about Tony Jaa sent me off to Google to find out what the sudden interest was. Tony has been a busy boy this year. He got married in May and his pregnant bride got into a fight with his sister’s boyfriend to make it a festive occasion (why do I miss all the good weddings?). Tony also has a new movie scheduled for release in December. No, make that May of next year. Huh. Well, the good news is that it’s a sequel to The Protector, so no more Thai mysticism this time around. Let’s just hope Tony got his old body back too.

For those of you lucky enough to be in Bangkok on November 9th, a Royal Barges procession will be held on the Chao Phraya culminating at Wat Arun. This event was scheduled for last year and then postponed because of the flooding. Richard Barrow has mapped out the best viewing spots if you plan on being one of the thousands who turn out for this event.

While I’m on the subject of movies, Stay is an eight minute short film about a pair of young Chinese guys who though happy together have never spent a night with each other in the same bed. When one asks his boyfriend to stay . . .

I plugged Ilbonito’s blog a while ago, and am gonna do it again. It has become one of my regular reads, and you may enjoy it too. His posts are not always about Thailand, but those that are a good mix of stuff I wasn’t aware of and of old haunts which often brings back pleasant memories. Best of all, unlike some (me) he’s mastered the art of brevity. Check out The Hot Mango Men of Silom, and then spend some time browsing his older posts. You’ll be glad you did.

Frankie To is a talented photographer who beautifully captures the virile handsomeness of young Asian men. Huh. I guess I don’t really have to say any more.

I haven’t mentioned the Olympics for at least two weeks now, but do have to say the Olympian studs are gonna have a hard time going up against the hot local men in four years when the Games are held in Brazil. Olympic bulges can’t hold a candle to Brazilian bulges. And even the fauna is in on the act. Can you say Manaconda?

While I was home schooled on the subject, it never hurts to expand your knowledge. And sometimes can even feel pretty good: The Top Ten Wanking Tips. And yes, the tip is involved in several of them.

Iceland is #1. Ireland is better than Switzerland. Thailand is worse than Rawanda and 125 other countries. The 2012 Global Peace Index gages the level of safety and security in society and also looks at the extent of domestic or international conflict. Indicators range from a nation’s level of military expenditure to its relations with neighboring countries and the level of respect for human rights.

With daytime temperatures dropping into the upper 60s in California, I’ve been freezing my ass off this week. You’d think having just got back from Alaska again it’d feel tropical, but no. Friends back east are already tired of hearing me whine about temperatures they strip down to shorts for, much like my attitude toward Thais when it hits the upper 70s in Bangkok. So I had to ask Google if it ever snowed in Thailand. That should be worth a few shots off bar bets.

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