nude dude

His ass only rates an 8. But that look of invitation to nasty pig sex raises his overall score to a 10+.

Pattaya’s pedophiles now have something other than the cost of drink at the bars to bemoan. A recent study has shown that the youth of today’s peni are getting smaller. Are size queens soon to go the way of eight track tapes?

I for one am glad to hear the Vodka Tampon craze has been replaced before I had to seriously consider giving it a try. Not that I’m any more likely to give Butt-Chugging a go, but I do appreciate wine more than vodka. If you haven’t heard of the ;latest frat craze, butt-chugging is um, an alcoholic enema. Which, I’d guess for those who care about matching their wines properly it’d be red wine for men and white for women. For oenophiles who want to give the latest craze a try: 9 Great Wines for Butt-Chugging.

You can now enjoy seeing French Olympic swimmer – and one of the hottest hunk at the 2012 Olympics – Camille Lacourt in all his glory thanks to an advertisement for an Italian gas and electricity company. The video shows Lacourt jumping out of his bath, overly excited about having just booked a trip to Thailand on his tablet. Skip the stills and watch the video. And then keep your eyes peeled for the hottie to make an appearance on Soi Twilight.

Like with many, there is a lot about Thailand that I find amazing. As in scratching my head in disbelief. There are also things I find annoying, though 80% of that is about me more than it is about Thailand. And there are some things, like many of the well-known scams, that I wish would go away, know they won’t, and am glad that visitors are warned from those who have gone before. Other common bitch topics, like dual-pricing, should also go away. Not the subject of the bitching but rather the complaints. When I ran across the article Foreigners & Tourist Areas = Lousy Service on one of Richard Barrow’s sites my head started nodding in agreement. Until I read more. My best advice for this blogger is: Get Thee To Pattaya! I’m sure he’d find many like-minded cheap-ass individuals who don’t get that what they bitch about is all thanks to themselves.

One of the many physical attributes that attracts me to guys in Thailand is their dusky skin. It sets off the gleaming flash of those glorious smiles and looks good enough to eat. But beauty in the Thai mind is having almost white skin. A sign of a higher class, just look at any print or TV ad and you’d forget you are in a SE Asian country. Skin whitening products are extremely popular and every mall has a clinic devoted to turning locals into ghosts. But now they’ve gone too far.

In Italy, six scientists and a government official are on trail for manslaughter for failing to predict an earthquake in 2009. That’s the bitch about natural disasters: they are unpredictable. On the plus side, a guilty verdict would set precedence and then I could sue the local television weatherman next time he screws up and doesn’t tell me it is gonna rain.

. . . and you thought the timing of the high season in Thailand was because of the weather.

Worst name for a business in Thailand? I dunno, I can see it attracting a certain clientele.

Since sex is one of my favorite pastimes I figured I’d score 10 out of 10 on The Sex Quiz: Myths, Taboos and Bizarre Facts. But spines on a man’s penis? Ah, well. They say practice makes perfect so I guess I better start practicing more.

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