nude dude

I love those ass check dimples . . . they make for such a nice handhold.

It’s always nice to give a bump to a fellow blogger, especially when he has the good taste to list mine as a fave. Blogging from Malaysia, Wobbit’s World is a young gay man’s personal blog – and from the looks of things he had a fine time on his last visit to Bangkok. I’m sure his boy du jour did too; I’d say that was one lucky bar boy from the photo he posted of himself (which he felt safe in posting with only around 30 visitors to his blog. Um, sorry dude, that just changed!)

Now Cher will know what to get her kid for Christmas this year.

I know how cursed women are for not being born men, but seldom think about how rough life is for my straight buddies other than to laugh at how hard they work to get laid. Oblivious to the max, when I need to pee in a public restroom my only conscious thought is to avoid stepping in wet spots on the floor. It ain’t that easy for breeders, there’s evidently etiquette involved: The 10 Commandments of Bathroom Urinal Use. (But seriously, not bringing your woman into the men’s room? That really needs to be said?)

And while I’m on the subject of dick, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Harry Potter’s.

Not being one to hold being straight against anyone, one of my weekly on-line reads is Stickman’s column. Based in Bangkok, he usually covers the straight bar scene but occasionally branches out to include other parts of the city too. Last week he did a photo essay of a trip up one of Bangkok’s main klongs he’d made, and if you’ve never used the city’s water taxis his article is a great introduction.

So, it doesn’t get better. You just get fatter.

Riding on a motorcy in Bangkok’s traffic is without a doubt a risky proposition, but it’s gotta be safer than bungee jumping into a volcano: 5 Awesome Vacations That Might Kill You.

It may be a bit off the beaten path, but finally I’ve heard of a temple that just might entice Pattaya’s sexpats away from their 99 baht beers for a cultural outing. I though the White Wat outside of Chiang Rai was extreme, but Wat Lan Khaud, the Temple of A Million Beer Bottles, may have it beat. And here you were making merit all this time and didn’t even know it!

I’m not usually all that interested in someone else’s orgasm, but this I found fascinating. At least it beats the cutesy puppy videos my #!*# relatives insists on stuffing my email inbox with. Huh. Maybe If I start sending this one back as a reply they’ll leave me alone.

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