It’s illegal to drive a car in Thailand if you’re not wearing a shirt.

1. More men have their penises severed (cut off, chopped off ) in Thailand than anywhere else in the world.

2. Sexual harassment was finally made illegal in Thailand in the Labor Protection Act of 1998, making employers liable to punishment under civil law. So far, not a single case has been brought before the courts.

3. King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) sired 77 children.

4. King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) liked to wander around the palace in a dress.

5. King Bhumibol possesses the largest faceted diamond in the world, the Golden Jubilee.

6. In 1967 King Bhumibol said, “The Beatles are through. You know they were really a part of the British drive for exports”

7. In Thailand It is illegal to leave your house if you are not wearing underwear.

Bangkok ranks as the #1 city in the world for Facebook users.

8. Charges of prostitution in Thailand can only be filed if the guilty are caught in the act.

9. There are only 23 cities in Thailand.

10. There are 106 airports in Thailand.

11. 78% of computer software used in Thailand is illegal.

12. Thailand is the world’s 80th least corrupt country in equal place with Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Burkina Faso.

13. Newly installed red light cameras in Bangkok caught 25,241 motorists jumping red lights in one week.

14. There are approximately 7,400 tuk tuk in Bangkok.

More than 20% of Bangkok’s police have some form of lung disease.

15. The average speed of a car in Bangkok is 7 KPH.

16. Bangkok’s Victory Monument commemorates the 1941 Thai victory in the Franco-Thai War in Indo-China which resulted in Thailand annexing territories in western Cambodia and northern and southern Laos. Four years later they had to give the lands back.

17. It is illegal in Thailand for men (and women) to go bare-chested in public.

18. King Bhumibol’s grandfather (Rama V) married four of his sisters.

19. Thailand is the world’s number one maker of surfboards.

20. Thaksin Shinawatra is the only prime minister of Thailand to finish a full term.

21. Obituaries are not published in Thai newspapers.

Thailand has the world’s only double ring death: 2 Thai boxers killed each other. One on the spot, the other a bit later in hospital.

22. There have been 19 military coups in Thailand since World War II.

23. Thailand’s first stripshows were in Hat Yai in 1953. Hat Yai was considered to be the most modern of Thai cities so it was chosen as the guinea pig for the experiment. The strip shows were opened up along with a host of cheap hotels and whisky bars while wooden houses were pulled down, and kite flying and fish fighting were banned. The place became so wild it acquired the nickname ‘Dodge City’.

24. A law on the Thai books prohibits the use of durian as a weapon.

25. There are more native speakers of Lao in Thailand than in Laos itself.

26. The Thai Royal collection of Faberge eggs ranks the third largest in the world.

27. Queen Sunandha, First Consort to King Rama V was killed in a tragic boat accident on the Chao Phraya River. It is said that no one dared rescue her while she was drowning because it was strictly prohibited that no commoner touch such a high-ranking royal.

28. In 1939 the country changed its name from Siam to Thailand. In 1945 the country changed its name from Thailand back to Siam. In 1949 the country changed its name again from Siam to Thailand. It is the only country in the world to change its name 3 times in 10 years.

Thailand set the record for the longest catwalk on April 9, 2010. The catwalk was 1,584 meters long and was part of the Pattaya International Fashion Week

29. Barbers are usually closed on Wednesday in Thailand because Thai people think it will bring bad luck to cut their hair that day of the week.

30. The original name for Suvarnbhumi airport was Nong Ngoo Hao. The name was changed because it was thought no foreigner would ever be able to pronounce it properly.

31. All statues of the Buddha are leased from their makers because the image, considered too sacred to have material value, can never be “bought’ or sold.

32. According to The Journal of Vector Ecology there are an average of 5.2 cockroaches per house in Thailand.

33. Thai contestants have won the Miss Universe pageant twice.

34. One-tenth of all animal species on Earth live in Thailand

35. The brothers who gave the world the term “Siamese twins” were born in 1811 in a village near Bangkok. Each brother married, and between them they had 22 children.

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