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When I started the End of the Week posts, they were for a nice ass shot and an excuse for me to rant about some ass who’d been being him or herself that week. Kinda ruined the good feelings about the incredible set of buns I’d posted though, so I stopped doing that. But I liked the idea of using the post for a weekly round up, as well as a round bum. With all the clicks my new blogroll has been getting, it’s obvious y’all are just looking for an excuse to flee from this corner of the internet, so I thought I’d try something new, direct a little traffic to a few worthy sites, and amuse myself at the same time.

Because it really is all about me.

It could be a blog, it could be a website, an article, or even just a photo, but I’ll be posting about half a dozen links weekly. Until I get tired of doing so. Have fun:


Did you know the reason for low tides was because the fish drink all the water? High tides are an entirely different story. TOQ started blogging again this week, and if you ever need a laugh or a quick hit of expat life in Thailand, you’ll want to give his site a visit.

How much do you know about the penis? Think you are on expert on all things dick?
(And who said the internet can’t be educamational!)

It may not be a grease stain that looks like the Virgin Mary, but it’s close . . .

Singapore turns pink! Well, except for all the flesh . . .

Michael Phelps qualified for eight Olympic events (again) during the U.S. Swimming Trials last week. Inarguably he is the U.S.’s most accomplished Olympian and stands a chance of beating his own record in London. The media’s swimming darling this year, however, is Ryan Lochte. Phelps blew it big time and lost some major endorsements for getting caught on film hitting a bong shortly after the Beijing Olympics. Dummy. Must not have been his first hit of the night. The boy’s a swimmer so that he’s also a stoner is a given, but this time around he might find a more closed-mouth group to party with and protect whatever sponsorships Lochte leaves on the table.

For those of you who like a little fantasy to help your fantasies along, how about the ab-tacular Harry Shum Jr. playing gay on the silverscreen?

I love eating from street carts in Thailand, but wisely never consider just what it may be that I’m chomping on. In Hong Kong I’m a bit more circumspect about what goes into my mouth.

And lastly, because it really would be a shame to not feature at least one ass in my End of the Week post, Logan alerted me to a reader’s submission on Stickman’s site from a gentleman (and I use that term incorrectly) who reported on Bangkok’s gay gogo bar scene through the eyes of a bi-sexual. Many gay guys claim there are no true bi-sexuals, they are just gay guys who haven’t been able to own up to that fact yet. Read this guy’s ramblings and you’ll be happy to allow him any label other than gay that he might choose to use.

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!

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