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So, okay, maybe we’re talking a few feet south of your heart, but in the never ending world of free glossy magazines aimed at gay visitors to Bangkok, it’s been proven the way to a man’s heart is through his gonads. And since that’s also the direct line to his wallet, pseudo-publishers have consistently attempted to become The choice of bar rags for Bangkok’s sex touri. All claim to be the definitive guide in an attempt to entice advertisers to part with some baht, many come and go quicker than a bar boy on a short-time off. The newest to hit the scene is Desire. The monthly guide made its debut in February, and for those not in Thailand there is a website where you can check out pix of the guy they decided to feature as their latest model each month.

I haven’t seen the publication yet myself, but from its website it looks like they took the standard traditional approach: A cover model with more shots of him inside, a map of the gay establishments within the city, coverage of past events at some of the bars – Tawan’s 25th Anniversary, which had been scheduled when the floods hit town and then put off until earlier this year is covered and is how I ran across the site – and the occasional color story in an attempt to suggest the mag is a serious piece of journalism.

Blazing a new trail is never a popular choice in Thailand; why do all that work when someone before you already did. Regardless of their lack of success. But then you can never go wrong with picture of hot guys, and few ever bother to read the articles these magazine print anyway. I’d be surprised if the map they supply isn’t out of date and missing half the places you know of too, because that too is a tradition with these freebee mags.

tawan muscle

The Models section of the website features guys who have graced their magazine’s pages in the past, and there are ‘making of’ styled clips of the photography sessions too. I checked out about a half a dozen of the slideshows but since the guys were all younger and less beefy than I prefer my eye candy, I didn’t bother to watch any of the videos. Ya’ll might find hours of entertainment there however.

The Web Board section seems to be an index of sort, with links to more slightly twinky guys in the Desire Gallery section, links to a section called Talon on Tour that is not filled with pix of ladyboys as you might expect but rather seems a half-hearted attempt at providing an overview of some of Bangkok’s and the surrounding area’s tourist attractions (it’s all in Thai and hardly worth translating), and a link to a singular picture under the Desire Show heading that is of a ladyboy and 8 ladyboy wannabes from the ICK pub. Who is an advertiser. Big surprise there.

A lot of the site is under construction or contains dead links – also a tradition for Thai websites – but the G-Pop section has more half naked twinks. There’s also a section called Ask Plernpiss, an advice column from a fat drag queen ladyboy which I was gonna translate but then saw all the 555s sprinkled through the text and figured I’d do just as well reading one of Martin911 posts on the message boards.

tawan muscle boy

The Party and Event section of the site is where I found the Tawan boys’ pix, there’s is also coverage of some event at Ocean Boys, which has since closed its doors and which may be a sign of things to come for Desire too. Folding, is after all a tradition of bar rags in Bangkok too. There are about 20 events covered in this section, so lots of eye candy for you to check out. The bars include the aforementioned ICK as well as a place called Cloud Nine, so I’m guessing Desire covers the local bars too not just those frequented by farang touri.

Dick’s Cafe on Soi Twilight usually has copies of these free mags on the small shelf under each table and it’s always fun to browse through them to see if you spot any familiar faces. I keep hoping I’ll run across a picture of Noom so I can tease him for the next ten years. If you are eating dinner at Dick’s they also work well to slip under the table legs to keep the table from rocking.

Since it’s Tighty Whitey Tuesday today, I’ll post one more photo from Desire and throw ya’ll a twink. Or you can go find your own:

bangkok desire


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