Inspiration is a lot like passing gas. You never quite know when it’s gonna sneak up on you. And sometimes the result is a bit messy. Yesterday I ran across an Asian version of South Park’s Eric Cartman. I often have thought Beachball acts just like Cartman, though Eric does occasionally display some redeeming qualities. Anyway, I used it for a quickie post, and then because my mind never knows when to stay, “STOP!” . . . .

Welcome to my newest recurring post, Life’s A Beach, a illustrated look at the life and crimes of our beloved Beachball. ‘Cuz a Beachball post too is a lot like passing gas: you don’t know how badly it will smell, but do know it’s likely to contain shit.

This post will be a regular on Sundays, because even though no one reads the newspaper anymore, Sundays and the comics still go together well. Today I’m giving you two; it’s always best to come out firing both barrels.

Hope ya’ll will enjoy them as much as I will.

Life's A Beach

Beachball finds true love

Life's A Beach

Beachball gains self awareness