end of the week

It’s always nice to be greeted with a smile when you walk into a room.

The big news of the week, or at least the news I’m the least bit interested in, is that William Levy has been signed to be one of the contestants on Dancing With The Stars when it starts up on March 19th. The 31-year-old hottie who was born in Cuba was offered a role in the upcoming male stripper movie, Magic Mike, but turned down baring his best assets. Instead, he’s joining a cast of has-beens in a misguided attempt to advance his career.

I don’t watch the show, I’m not a fan. But it is quite popular and pulls in hordes of the above 90 year old demographic. Dancing With The Stars seems to be big with the conservative right, the folk who live in the fly-over states, and there is some irony in that those who hate gays end up watching and rooting for them twice a week during the season. I think the producers should keep a spot open for Rick Santorum. He’ll be looking for a new job by fall.

William is big in Mexico. Well, he looks to be big all over. But south of the border he stared in Cuidado con el Angel which averaged about 46 million television viewers per episode. Sorry to say I won’t be tuning in to see how he does with his dancing. Unless he dances shirtless during each appearance. I don’t know who else will be in the cast, and don’t really care. Levy should win just on looks alone. I just hope the show’s budget can afford a big enough dance belt for him. Speaking of which, have a look yourself at the hotnesss that will soon be gracing your television screen: