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Ubiquitous Plastic Stool Shot

I know, I know! Already four days into the new year and I’ve yet to post an Ubiquitous Plastic Stool Shot. My apologies for having not fed your jones. This one is from Luang Prabang. It’s a heart warming photo of two obviously gay Ubiquitous Plastic Stools sharing a tender moment brimming with affection. Just makes ya wanna smile, no?

You’ll notice that like the Lao and Thai people, Ubiquitous Plastic Stools look quite similar in both countries. I spotted these two muzzling each other in the funerary hall at Wat Xieng Thong. So the Golden Wat, which is actually more of an aqua color, is now also known for its touch of pink.

(And, yeah. I do have some slightly more racy shots, but I’m gonna wait a bit before I post the x-rated ones.)