Happy New Year

Almost. But then New Year celebrations are really more about the eve and not the day. This is the first time in 7 years I’m not celebrating in Bangkok. My damn niece went and decide to finally get married, which would be cool except she decided to do it in early January when I’m usually in SE Asia. Bitch. But I thought I’d share a photo from a New Year’s Eve from a few years ago when I hauled my dyke friends along for the trip.

I love this shot for several reasons. It make my friend Helena look massive (so she hates it). And it was taken by my friend Noom – it’s a blurry shot and he loves trying to delete any of my shots that are blurry, so it was a great chance for me to get a bit of payback.

I spent one New Year’s Eve on Soi 4, which was a bit boring. And one in a gogo bar, which wasn’t much better . . . most of the hot guys all have offs so the entertainment is all the B roster. Most years I head over to Central World for the big countdown. The first time we made the mistake of joining the crowd in the street. Yikes! Since then we’ve always paid for a table at one of the beer gardens set up in front of the shopping mall. Cool fireworks, lots of beer, and you get to laugh at the hordes crammed into the street below. At least until you get to join them when the party is over.

Fortunately I have only one niece, so next year it’s back to Bangkok as usual. To those of you who made it to the Kingdom for the holidays: I hate you.

But have a great New Year’s anyway!