What were they thinking?

It’s always amazed me that sexpats, particularly in Pattaya, who spend their days walking, breathing, and thinking about sex, all have bellies that would make Santa jealous. Their preoccupation with sex, even at their advanced age, should result in a hell of a lot of calories being burned daily. I’d think that anyone devoting so much of their day to sexual athletics would, at the very least, have the body of the slim Oprah instead of the fat Oprah. But spend an afternoon at one of Pattaya’s gay beaches and you are in for a day of whale watching. How is it possible to maintain a 300 pound+ physique when you are spending hours daily sweating off an orgasm?

Yup, smells like science to me.

According to a soon to be published study in the Journal of Sex Research, the old paradigm that claimed men think about sex every seven seconds, is wrong. Even in Pattaya. Researchers at Ohio State University found men think about sex 19 times a day. But think about food just as often. And it appears that in Pattaya, they think about sex often, but act on their food thoughts even more.

Psychologist Terri Fisher, who led the study, found that men are just as likely to be considering what to have for supper than they are to be dwelling on sexy thoughts. Her team asked a group of 160 women and 125 men to record their thoughts, by means of a golf tally counter, to count how often sex, sleep, and food popped into their minds daily over a week long period. Fisher considered those three activities to be the primary ‘need-based’ considerations of the average human being, and failed to take in to account that for men they also qualify as our favorite three activities.

eat  me

The male brain is also capable of multi-tasking.

Not surprisingly, the men participating in the study clicked off sexual thoughts twice as often as the women. Fisher, however, warns that result may be due to nothing more than that men are just more comfortable racking up their clicker numbers. Typical of a female researcher who just can’t wrap her mind around how guys think, she had no similar concern with the men in her study also thinking about sleep and food more often than the women in tthe study. The conclusion she seemed to have overlooked is that men just use their brains more often than women do.

Of course, not all men are created equally. The study’s published findings – which relied upon the statistic that men think about sex 19 times each day to garner press – used an average of the actual individual results. The participating men’s clicks for sexual thoughts ranged from once a day to 388 times a day. Thoughts about food clocked in from a low of 12 times to a high of 43 times, with the mean rather than the average far exceeding the number of times men thought about sex.

While Pattaya has the rep of a town full of sex addicts prowling the streets in search of their next orgasm, it appears those seniors stumbling down the street drooling in expectation might actually be on the prowl for a hot pastrami sandwich instead.