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Ubiquitous Plastic Stool

Choppers for sale

What? You thought I was kidding? Sorry but I really do have a few hundred shots of Thailand’s Ubiquitous Plastic Stools in action and will be sharing them with you. I know: worthy of a blog all their own, but the effort required to man that little piece of the internet would just be ridiculous.

There are enough plastic stools in Thailand to seat every man, woman, and child. But following Thai logic, the one use you won’t see very often is someone actually sitting on one. I think even the Thais realize that as a place to perch, the ubiquitous plastic stool is wanting.

But then Thais also hate to see anything go to waste, so plastic stools and chairs crop up in unexpected places, used for a multitude of purposes other than that for which they were built. One of their more popular uses is as a table. And sidewalk vendors have discovered they are a perfect setting for showcasing merchandise.

It seems the same stuff for sale on Bangkok’s streets during my first visit some twenty-five years ago is still what is being sold today. So anytime I run across something new it catches my eye. Even if it is used. Like a set of dentures. I found this little tableau by the Mahathat Amulet market one morning, snapped the shot, then hung around a bit hoping to catch a prospective buyer trying a few sets on. No such luck. But the idea lingers, so maybe I’ll have an update of this photo for you after my next trip.