nude male ass

This week, Jimmy Fallon’s house band, The Roots, mooned Michele Bachmann by playing Lyin’ Ass Bitch when she walked on stage. Sweet. And major points to the band. Jimmy’s gone too main stream and apologized after the fact, forgetting he is suppose to be a comedian. And evidently forgetting that Michele is in fact a lyin’ bitch. You know if Stephen Colbert had the chance to pull off that stunt he would have basked in the afterglow.

Meanwhile David Letterman got his butt spanked for apparently going a bit far in discussing Marcus Bachmann’s ‘ex-gay’ clinic in his monologue. CBS deleted the joke from the official web posting of the clip. While discussing the GOP debate Letterman mentioned Michele Bachmann, adding, “And if you’re a homosexual, her husband will take care of ya.”

Wasn’t a good week for either of the asses in the Bachmann house. Fox News’ Todd Stames, disgusted by the musical bitch slap, said, “Could you imagine if the network had pulled a similar stunt with First Lady Michelle Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?”

Uh, Todd there’s a world of difference between Hillary Clinton and Batshit Crazy Bachmann. What in the hell Bachmann’s handlers were thinking in booking that strange woman on any other show than one hosted by Fox News is beyond me. Republican presidential nominee hopefuls know they are supposed to only appear on FOX; they almost come off as being rational on FOX because it’s a guarantee that the host will be even more of a wack job than they are. Case in point, discussing the UC Davis fiasco with Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly declared that pepper spray is “essentially a food product.”

The cops used pepper spray to break up the local version of an Occupy protest at the university and have come under fire for the abusive use of excessive force. Evidently to FOX News, it was just a food fight. But then you shouldn’t expect much from a network that holds Ronald Regan near to its heart. While President, Regan declared that ketchup qualified as a vegetable for public school lunches, so adding a bit of pepper into the mix can’t be a bad thing. It’s gotta be good for the kiddies.

While brutality against Occupy protesters has become the norm, the incident in California resulted in the police officers involved being suspended and UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi’s ass is on the chopping block. Rather than being outraged over the incident, O’Reilly noted, “We don’t have the right to Monday morning quarterback the police.”

You got to respect the talent it takes to talk out of your ass when you’re sitting on it.