end of the week

Let There Be Light

This week Herman Cain dropped out of the lead spot of crazy presidential nomination contenders thanks to his inability to stop playing with staffers’ asses. Newt made a quick grab for the empty spot but then the million+ he took from Fannie Mae surfaced and he ended up looking like an ass. Nothing new for the Newt. Sooner or later they gotta let Ron Paul take the lead. They’re running out of candidates and will eventually have to admit the only one they have they can run is Mitt for Brains. President Obama must be sleeping pretty well these days.

100% of the Occupy movement in the U.S. got their asses handed to them this week. Municipalities across the nation cracked down on the protests, moving the squatters out of the numerous public places they’d been camping protesting at. I think the movement may have more luck in other countries; in America the 99% really don’t want to beat up on the 1% too bad because we all have this deep seated belief that we too one day could become one of the lucky few.

And it’s that little ray of light that serves as muse for this week’s End of the Week. And a fine end it is . . .