“I thought you quite smoking!”

“I didt.“

“Then what’s that?”

“It only 56 baht!”

“Well we both quite smoking so I booked us into a non-smoking hotel.”

“It okay. I go outside.”

“Where did you even get those?”


“What store?”

“By wat.”

“That narrows it down.”

“Give me one.”

“I tought you quite smoking.”

“You know, I have your plane ticket. I hope you’ll enjoy living in Laos.”


“Holy shit! What in the hell is in this?”

“Not real.”

“No shit! I think they skipped the tobacco and just rolled up the chemicals!”

[cough] [cough]


“Well that was 56 baht for nothing.”

“It okay. You rich.”

[cough] [cough] [cough]

“I not feel good.”

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