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Wat Pho Bangkok


I’ve probably been to Wat Pho in Bangkok more times than I’ve been to MBK. That’s a lot. Anytime I’m shepherding first time visitors around the city, a visit to Wat Pho is #1 on my list. As crowded as it gets up front by the Reclining Buddha, you’ll find peace and quiet strolling through its numerous courtyards toward the back of the compound. There are also several temples within the site and it is not unusual to find the smaller ones devoid of visitors . . . or just one other devotee as evidenced by this shot.

wat pho


There are a lot of small courtyards spread throughout Wat Pho, lots of red doors to pass through and thresholds to step over . . . and ‘over’ is a must: it is considered rude and bad luck to step on a doorsill in a Buddhist temple as it is believed a soul resides there.