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Nude Asian Male

I’ve been visiting the Tawan Gay Go Go Club as long as I have been visiting Bangkok. So for decades. I like guys with muscles. Thai guys with muscles. Evidently I am not in the minority. The club has been a success since inception. I get more email about Tawan than any other club. Muscled guys definitely hold a strong attraction for gay touri in Bangkok.

I get asked a lot about which guys will do what at Tawan. Sorry, that’s not an answer I give out randomly. I’m not being coy. I’ve said enough times already – but will repeat it again – it has more to do with you and your attitude than it does the bar or boi. I could tell you so and so does this, but he may not with you. Then you’d be pissed at both of us. A night with a bar boi in Bangkok is like a dance. It’s your choice in partner, your decision on who will lead, you get to pick the steps and the tune you’ll dance to. But it is up to him whether or not you’re a suitable partner. And just because he took your hand, doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll willingly agree to cha cha with you.

But I will share with you a typical result of one of my visits to Tawan. This is my tale about Chai. He didn’t work at Tawan for long. I only ran into him on one visit. And he no longer works at the bar, sad to say. Too late for you, but what luck for me . . .

I guess I was slumming it on this trip. I was staying at the Plaza on Suriwong. It is located where Chong Nonsi dead ends. About a five minute walk from Patpong and the Tawan Club. Cheap. Not inexpensive: cheap. The rooms are large. One wall is taken up by a stainless steel counter and sink. At 900 baht a night, you shouldn’t expect much in that area, and the Plaza delivers on that promise. Out dated, only clean enough to not be dirty. On the mirror in the bathroom a full page sign is taped alerting you to the hotel’s policy of charging a joiner fee if you bring back a guest to your room. Not subtle. I wonder how Mom and Dad explain that sign’s meaning to their kids. Maybe families should not be staying at cheap hotels that close to Patpong.

Usually on my first night in town I hit about a half dozen gay bars just to check things out, see what, if anything, has changed and check out the bars’ stables for potential offs for the rest of my trip. I almost always stop in at Tawan on that first night. Usually it is my last club of the night and I time my arrival for their last show. I try not to get to Tawan until the first few acts are over so as to avoid the ladyboys. I get the whole ladyboy/Thailand thing and it’s cool. But they are the last thing I want to see at a club I go to for macho studs.

This visit was a renovation or two ago. The Tawan Club’s layout has changed a bit over the years. Not a lot, but enough to keep it interesting. Back then it was mostly a stage with table seating and couches along the wall. I think it is all the bodybuilders, or maybe just the high level of testosterone, but when you walk into the Tawan it smells a lot like a locker room. And that’s a good thing when you are out on the prowl for muscle. It adds to the ambiance.

Nude Asian Male

I timed my arrival right that night. The bar was busy but not packed. The show had begun, the guys on stage were still in their shorts, but it was obvious the ladyboy number was over. I got a friendly greeting from the waiter who has been there for years. Don’t know his name. He’s of medium build, a bit pudgy, and has a small, thin mustache, unusual for a Thai. He led me over to the couch area and I grabbed a seat along the wall centered with the stage. Ordered a Singha, and sat back to check out the studs.

There were about 30 guys working the club that night. Midweek, so it wasn’t too busy and even some of the stars were still around having not yet landed a customer for the night. I love watching the stars at Tawan perform. Their rippling bodies are a joy to see. I like their macho swagger and those flashing white smiles they throw at you, hoping to entice you to invite them over. Not that there is a need for an invitation. Tawan is one of those clubs where the guys roam freely and have no problem in introducing themselves to you.

At most of the gay clubs in Bangkok, I don’t like the bar boys to approach me. ‘Cuz it almost always is some twinky fem with a screeching voice. I’ve learned you can not be polite in those cases. You need to be direct about your lack of interest or they’ll leech on to you. But at Tawan, any one of the guys is going to be a masculine stud and even if I am not interested in him, spending a few minutes chatting while they massage your shoulders is good fun. If I allow them to hang around for more than five minutes, I always give them a tip. It’s the polite thing to do. And I visit Tawan often enough I don’t need to ruin my rep.

Business was slow enough on this night that I soon had three guys sitting with me. The bar boys can tell which visitors are there to look and which are potential customers. Must be the look in your eyes. I wasn’t really looking to off a guy that night, but I’m always open to the possibility when I drop in at Tawan. I was in one of my ‘throw some cash around’ moods and had bought drinks for all three of the guys. That’s a guarantee to keep them around for a while, even if you aren’t going to off any of them. One guy was doing the shoulder massage thing. Another, going for the quick sale, had groped me and then thrust my hand down his shorts so I could get an up close experience with his hard cock. The third has his nose planted by my ear making little sniffing noises. A Thai kiss. Sweet. I love Thailand.

Like most gay bars in Bangkok, the show progressed from the slightly naughty to the down right explicit. Tawan’s late show usually finishes off with a masturbation contest (uh, the boys, not the customers). But it had not hit that point yet. A group had just finished trading blow jobs when one of their muscle acts started up. Six guys, all erect and barely covered, holding a pose down. One of the guys I hadn’t seen before. He probably was the least built out of the group on stage. More of a developed swimmers build than muscle bound. Short. Cute. The mirror at the back of the stage showed he had a great ass on him. And the bulge hidden by a flimsy piece of cloth showed he had no problem getting hard. He had a Chinese look about him though his skin was that dusky color I like in Thai guys. And incredibly large, beautiful eyes. I caught his eye and gave him a big smile.

nude asian male

Having three studs already attending to you can work to your disadvantage when you spot a guy you really are interested in. Then again, if you are spending freely enough to be taking up three of the bar boys’ time, the guy may decide you’re worth checking out. Jai dee translated means the dude’s got money and is willing to spend it. After the act was over, the hot guy came off stage and made his way over to where I sat, hanging back a bit. Shy? Or just waiting for room? I scooted over clearing a space next to me. He smiled and sat down.

Shaking hands is not a typical Thai greeting. But the guys at Tawan all seem to introduce themselves with a hand shake. This guy had a nice firm grip and I could tell from the feel of his hand he spent some quality time lifting. He didn’t waste time with the usual bar boy pat questions. He just leaned in to me and said, “My name Chai.”

Chai had been working at Tawan for about three months. He’d heard about the club from other guys lifting at Lumpini Park. His English was decent. He started massaging my upper thighs commenting on their being ‘strong’. I told him I thought he was handsome. Thai guys like compliments. Actually I thought he was beautiful, but knew ‘handsome’ was a better comment. He shook his head no, running his hand over a small run of pock marks on his cheeks. I complemented his chest instead. That one got a smile. It didn’t take long for the other guys to figure out where my interest lay and they drifted off to the next potential customer leaving Chai and me alone.

I bought him a drink. We chatted a bit. I ran my hand over his bare leg enjoying the feel of the muscles underneath. He flexed his legs and giggled. And moved my hand up to his crotch. Looking at me with those beautiful limpid eyes he asked, “I go with you?”

Chai was hot. And just the kind of guy I like. But I still hadn’t decided to off a boy that night. And the show was still on. “Maybe,” I replied. “We watch the show.”

That was an honest reaction from me that night. But. You are in Thailand. It always pays to barter. Sometimes that bartering isn’t about the price, but rather the sale. And Chai decided we were in negotiations and that he needed to close the deal. He scooted closer. “I lie you,” Chai said. “I do everything.”

I love the Thai accent that turns ‘like’ into ‘lie’ as it is closer to the truth. And in any case, I knew he didn’t and wouldn’t . . . ‘I do everything’ doesn’t mean everything, but more like ‘everything I’m willing to do.’ But he was being very affectionate, and really had a hot body. So, maybe. “You kiss?” I asked him.

He leaned in and buried his tongue in my mouth as an answer. The boy could kiss. Sold! When we came up for breath I let him know I’d off him and he went to get changed. The hotel was within walking distance, but knowing Thai bar boys don’t like to walk, after getting him a quick bite to eat, I grabbed a tuk tuk for the short ride to the Plaza. He knew the hotel, and knew of their joiner fee. When we got there he pushed me in front of him and then hung back until I got to the reception desk to get the room key. No guest, no joiner fee. He rushed in to join me in the elevator. I liked his thinking!

nude asian male

Once in the room, Chai stripped down to his shorts. Nice. Every guy is different. Some like to sit around and watch TV for a bit. Get comfortable first. Others, it’s immediately down to business. I always let the boi take the lead. Chai was wearing a pair of black briefs. They accented his dusky skin tone and clung to the curves of his bubble butt. He looked good. And knew it. He walked over to me, kissed me again. A promise of things to come. “I shower,” Chai said, slipping his shorts down, his back turned to me showing off his incredible ass as he made his way into the bathroom.

When he finished showering he came out naked, toweling off his hair. None of that Thai body shyness with this guy. And his body was perfect. A nice toned V shape. His cock was a bit smaller than average, but it fit him. And was slightly aroused. As was I. I quickly jumped into the shower and found him already in bed when I was through. He’d turned all but one of the lights off in the room. An intimate setting with just enough light my eyes could still feast on his gorgeous body. When I came to the bed, he pulled back the covers exposing himself again.

Gay, horny, or just a professional? Dunno. But the boy was already up for it. And it was beautiful. Erect, his cocked moved up a few spots on the size scale. Uncut, but the head cleared the foreskin. I laughed and told him he was beautiful. “Customer always say too small,” he told me. “I tell them it get big, they don’t believe.”

Yup, his was a grower. And it had bloomed beautifully. Fully erect. Throbbing. I’ve never understood the appeal of muscle worship. Where you just look. Just stare. But would have been happy to do so with Chai. He wasn’t content with being looked at. He rose up on his knees and embraced me, once again kissing me deeply.

We played around for a while. He used his hands. He used his mouth. He had no problem with anything I did with him or to him. Until I rolled him over onto his stomach. Then his body tensed up, the taut muscles running across his back and legs highlighting his incredible ass. I love muscle guys with those buff thighs that when pressed together form that little hollow at the crook of their ass like a gap toothed smile grinning a warm welcome. He looked at me, debating, then finally saying, “I get 3,000.”

I speak more Thai than I let on. This was a perfect time for me to use it. I massaged his shoulders as I spoke quietly to him. What I said wasn’t important. I never mentioned the price, or the act. With Thais, what you don’t say is often more important than what you do say. The dynamic changed.

I never discuss price with a guy before offing him. And this was the first time any guy had ever quoted me a figure. I didn’t barter. I ignored it. ‘Up to you’ is part of the Thai culture. Naming a price is not. There is a reason it is called a tip. And he knew I knew that. We chatted a bit. Changed positions. I told him the only joke I know in Thai. We went back to playing around for awhile. The next time I rolled him over, he just tucked his legs up a bit, presenting himself to me. He could have said no. But he was offering what he knew I wanted, and hoped that I would reply in kind.

nude asian male

When we had both finished, he snuggled close to me for a while instead of immediately hopping out of bed for a shower like most Thai guys do. It was a nice finish to the night. I’d have enjoyed him spending the night, with him curled up next to me in bed, but had already told him earlier in the evening it would be for ‘short-time’ only.

While he cleaned up in the shower I laid in bed mulling over the possible answers to the dilemma I faced. I usually tip 2,000 baht regardless of time, acts, whatevers. The extra 1,000 he’d asked for is not much in real money. But I didn’t want to reward him for quoting a price. On the other hand, there was some obligation on my part since he had. And damn he’d been good! Finally I came up with a suitable response. I got up and slipped a 1,000 baht note in the front pocket of his jeans. When he’d dressed and was ready to leave, after a final kiss, I tipped him 2,000 baht. He accepted that amount graciously and asked if I would come see him at the bar again the next night. His lack of a negative reaction to the lower amount made me feel better about the extra I’d hidden in his jeans.

Butterflies are free. As great as Chai had been, I moved on to other guys that trip. I looked for him the next time I visited Tawan, but he no longer worked there. A great night, a pleasant memory, and the first (and last) time a bar boi has ever quoted a price to me in Thailand.

I know a lot of guys complain about the boys at Tawan; too expensive, and usually a dud. That has never been my experience. I always make sure I discuss anything I have my heart set on with the guy before agreeing to off him. And I never ask ‘how much’. Regardless of the bar, treating the guy with a bit of respect goes a long way. Give him a reason to want to make you happy, and nine times out of ten, he will do so.