Sweeping arrests were made today in the cesspoolside town of Pattaya, the world’s leading  necropolis in geriatric Viagra use. Several members of Baht Stop, an on-line forum for bestiality aficionados, were taken into custody in their homes early this morning by the children of several of the City’s Police Department. “We felt the best way to proceed in these arrests was to use the concept of equal force,” reported Officer Tithiphontumrong, a member of the police department currently on suspension for failing to meet tea money quotas. “We used several of our children who had suffered oxygen deprivation during birth.”

Among those arrested was an actual blow up sex doll. Police Officer Tithiphontumrong said, “It was obvious to us that the blow up doll was the brains of the gang.”

The police reported they were able to identify members of the group by matching DNA samples found in the doll’s mouth with a list of expats who’d signed up to have their daily gin supply delivered directly to their homes. Posters on the forum were described as being like real life versions of characters in the TV series Glee, but without the talent.

Soon after being arrested the group was released. Officer Tithiphontumrong stated, “The Thai government has reviewed the site and realized it’s nothing but a small handful of crazies collectively in need of an adjustment to their medicines.”