How Big Is It?

Yeah I know, I’m an old coot. I just haven’t got into the whole texting thing. A little too immediate for me. I want to be less accessible, not more. Thai guys love to text. It’s a cheaper charge than a phone call and in many cases even free. So while in Bangkok, I get my texting quota in for the year. I know the Thai version of LOL is 55555. And I’m familiar with several other common text shorthand uses. But I just ran across this rather ingenious little text graphic and thought I’d share:


In case you’re not under the age of 30, or incapable of translating graphics, it’s a penis. If you’re Japanese, it’d look more like this:


And for the swelling Nigerian population in Bangkok, like this:


OK, I better stop. This is becoming too much fun (and yes, I am easily amused).